Set Animation Frame [C2] [SOLVED]

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  • I'm having a devil of a time with this.

    Not sure why it isn't working.

    All I'm trying to do is create 2 different objects as a test and have them play from 2 different frames.

    All I'm doing is:

    Trigger once-> Set animation frame 0

    ->Create object A (which already has the default animation)

    Trigger once-> Set animation frame 1

    ->Create object B (which already has the default animation)

    (tried it w/ sub-events too)

    Basically I have an engine animation for ships and want the animations to play from alternate frames for each alternate spawn, so they don't look exactly the same.

    And nothing is working.

    I checked the Scirra manual and like 5 or 6 Google posts - no help.

    Also tried it with instance variables, but it didn't work.

    I solved this before by doing alternate animations for each frame, but that gets pretty tedious when you have a lot of sprites/animations.

    Shouldn't there be an easy way to do this?

    What's the proper/working way to use "set animation frame" to have objects play the default animation from different frames when they spawn?


    Apparently you set the frame after creating the object!

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  • You set the frame after creating the object. Unless you pasted the logic wrong in here.

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