How do I get the same results in an exported html5 vs demo?

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  • Hi,

    I downloaded Construct 2 this morning hoping it could help me quickly reconstruct a Warcraft game encounter. I've never really thought about using a game engine this way, so it's a new experience.

    When I run what I currently have inside Construct 2 it seems to work properly. But when I upload an exported HTML5 and try it there, it doesn't seem to work consistently. IE:

    1.) When I test inside construct, blue puddles spawn every 8 seconds under the player and disappear after 27. Online they sometimes spawn randomly, delayed, not at all, or disappear at random.

    2.) When I test inside construct, the health bar depletes in an expected manner. Online it sometimes doesn't deplete at all until it registers a second reduction.

    3.) When I test inside construct, I predictably get 3 trains on my two "random of 4" calls. But online it sometimes doesn't call any, or calls all 4, or only 2.

    I assume this is probably user error and something I'm doing is confusing the order. Or it's just a simple newbie/logic mistake.

    Unfortunately I've run out of time tonight so I can't do any more trial and error / searching... So I'm hoping someone here can take a look for me so I can try again after work tomorrow.

    Here is the website I uploaded it to: Tried attaching the capx, but too large. Here's a sendspace URL:

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  • Oops. It cut out my urls from too new an account. Guess I'm on my own tomorrow after all.

    If possible, could someone give an example of how to fire 3 of 4 random objects as a bullet?

    That's how I was trying to send the trains down the track.. Which probably makes no sense without seeing it. Sorry. On my cell now.

    My calls were similar to... (Playing from memory)

    Random1 = 0

    If random1 is visible, wait 35s

    If random 1 is less than or equal 0, add 1

    Select random of random1 (there are 4)

    Set bullet speed from 0 to 300

    Trigger only once

    If random1 is less than or equal to 2,


    Then again for 3.

    If I'm still unable to figure it out tomorrow I will find a way to post more useful information in seeking aid now that I know I can't attach my file or link URLs.

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