How do I make an "on-rails" camera?

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  • Hi, I'm making a platformer and unfortunately, the "scroll to" behaviour doesn't quite suffice. So, is there anything that can help me with this issue?

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  • Hello.

    I didn't understand exactly whats going wrong in your game. Maybe uploading your .capx and giving more details might help.

    But anyway, every time I try to use the "Scroll to" behavior and it doesn't work usually it's because I forget that the size of the layout must be bigger than the size of the window, or the layout's Unbounded scrolling property must be set to Yes.

  • Nothing is going wrong, it's just that the Scroll To behaviour isn't quite what I want, but I can still live with it. Thanks either way.

  • Isn't quite exactly what I want?

    Could you be more vague?

    Explaining what you would like, might even make it possible for people to explain what you could/should do to get that effect..

    "My car isn't quite exactly the colour I want, could someone help me?

    What colour is your car?

    What's wrong with the colour?

    Have you tried painting it another colour or is that a problem?"

  • I believe the OP is looking for a way to animate the camera/object along a predefined path. "On a rail".

  • While this isn't a specific solution to your issue, it's a pretty invaluable tool for doing advanced camera control:

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