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  • I discover construc a couple weeks ago after being dedicated to enchantjs for a year and i was quickly in love i been doing tutorials since and was starting work on a simple plataformer, most things working right but i have two problems wich i hope you can help me, here is the link:1. i added the scroll behavier to my character, but it would center it so it would put my interface moved upwards, showing a big white square half of the screen, i wonder if i could limit behavier so it will keep most of background on screen.

    2. I added some coins to pick up and a tokens variable wich shows on top left, i had this problem too trying to implement touch controls, where character moves, but it will leave behind, this coins display and the touch control, how can i keep them in their same spot on the screen at all times?

    in flash i would move all objects relating to the character, wich would cause 100s of ._x = char._x wich was a pain and this behavier seems magical, but i wonder if i shoul do something like that

    thank you so much and so happy to start to be a constucter!!

    it erase game link for being new user
  • For the problem with your camera, check the how do I FAQ at the section "Scrolling / Camera", if I remember correctly, you should have an item that will show you how to do such a camera that will follow your character but not "be" your character.

    For the second question the answer lies in page 7 of the beginner's guide.

    Do another layer and apply parallax parameters to 0.

    Also, the link you gave just goes to an export of your game. Next time you want help and it would require to see the sources, prefer to post your capx rather than an export.

    I hope all this helps.

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  • thank you so much you are so kind

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