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  • Hello CS2 Users,

    We have a problem with our game.

    First what I want say:

    All of my levels has his own sheet.

    The problem:

    I have text input on layout 2 ( that is paired with layout 2 event )

    And I want to get the text input from layout 2 to my Room Layout ( look at the pictures)

    I'am using set text TextBox_Hond.Text but that is not working.

    (This is working if the Layout 2 paired with Room_Event but I wan't to do that.)

    Because the input are from layout 2 and not from Room.

    I hope you can help us.




    Sorry for my bad English.



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  • Simplest way would be to store the textbox text in a Global Variable, then on start of Layout2, set the relevant text field to the global variable.

  • zenox98 thanks I fix it now but now I have reached almost my Event limit of 100.



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