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  • I need some help with C2 i'm stuck and can I add someones skype ? I've searched on the tutorial section but i cant seem to find what i need.

  • When I get home from work, I could send you my Skype ID and we could see if there's anything I can do to help. I haven't been using Construct 2 for very long, but I might be able to help you.

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  • alright sounds like a plan my Skype ID is gryz34 and my name is Gus , anyone is welcome to try and help me

  • Is there any reason for not also posting your issues here?

    There are many helpful people on these forums who may be unwilling or unable to use skype, but would be happy to offer assistance.

  • good point! yes i am trying to use 2 different animations during running so i can run w/swinging arms and w/attack animation for arms. I've been using pin and image point and getting close to what i want but then my character movement doesn't work. my question is how are people not able to use skype its a free calling program i also use raidcall.

    what i am trying to achieve is that if player is pressing a direction key left or right character will run with the arms in just the normal fashion, but then if they are moving and they press attack key the arms get switched out with attack to destroy monsters or whatever maybe in my game. I am doing it this way because i read i needed to seperate sword slash in order to make "slash obj" and make it as a collision to destroy the monster objs. I also need help learning other things but I know I should be doing it MYSELF! so its up to you how helpful you wanna be

    -making the stage scroll with character, i'm sure there is a tutorial laying around for it just doing the character mechanics atm so its top priority

    • monster and boss set pattern movements, so I did stumble on monster movement whether they are just walking in a left or right way but ... what if i want like a boss to move in a circle as it does an attack at like 12,3,6,9 clock on screen
    • monster spawn on screenclipping and despawning, if you play lots of NES games this is how monsters are treated

    but yes i think alot of what i want maybe posted already i just havent looked yet for these other things, if you know about them or know how to do them plz post links or info on how to, THANKS for everyones help!

  • I am so sorry. I didn't forget you just have classwork and lectures that I am dealing with . Is there a sprite that you are using to test what your trying to do out.

  • Yes I am



    Arms in Running

    Running and Attacking Arms

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