How do I get music&sound effects work in mobile browsers?

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  • I'm bit of a newbie when it comes to Construct2, but I've managed to make a working platformer. I didn't really target mobile devices with the game, but decided to add touch controls just to test it with my Nokia Lumia 1520 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and noticed that the sounds are wonky on those devices.

    Games load fine and look fine on mobile devices, but when first jumping/dying sound effect it played, the music "breaks" and sounds all distorted.

    I've imported the music and sound effects. Import Music for music file and Import Sound for sounds. I tried using Import sounds for the music too, no difference. On desktop browsers, everything is fine.

    I have looping background music that starts when the "main menu"-layout has loaded and sound effects for the game itself. I've tried to bind the jumping sound to different things, but I just can't get it to work properly on my mobile devices.

    I even tried to make a new "game" to test this and it didn't work either. Just basic platform-behavior with jump-sound on keyboard up/any touch and it breaks the music when the sound effect plays. I tried also to stop the music when the jumping sound plays, but it distorts all the sounds anyway.

    Everything works just fine with my computer using Chrome,Firefox,IE. I initially thought that combination of Touch+Audio+Sprites somehow bugs out, but they work fine on my Asus touchscreen laptop.

    Am I missing something or are those mobile browsers somehow limited on the browser audio side?


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