How do I make 2 monster run and combat with each others

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  • thanks for your help

  • My requirement is:

    • Player A has 5 type armies eg: A, B, C, D E
    • Player B has 5 type armies eg: A, C, F, G, H.

    1) becasue there armies has same behaviours => i put it in 1 families call Army (Now A, B, C,D,E,F,G,H in 1 family). is it ok?

    2) i check collision by army to army? is this ok?!

  • bomt,

    Add the Pathfinding behavior to all of the monsters, and in your eventsheet, add the following code:

    System >> On start of layout <Add another condition> System >> Pick random MosterB instance | MonsterA >> Pathfinding >> Find path to MonsterB

    MonsterA >> On path found | MonsterA >> Move along path

    MonsterA >> On collision with MonsterB | MonsterA >> Stop moving along path <Add another action> MonsterA >> Set animation to "atk" (play from beginning)

    Now make the same events again, but switch all of the MonsterA references with MonsterB and all MonsterB references with MonsterA.

    Does that help?


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  • oh whoops it was already solved by chanchino...

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