How do I use file Chooser

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  • Is it possible to load image then crop it with some transparancy where the user can take a picture of themselves and have their face on the in game player? So, user to be able take a picture and then have them line up the picture with an oval shape overlay using pinch to zoom, rotate etc.

  • Here's a silly example based on what Ashley as said. Use the Filechooser to select an image, then try a text file. Hopefully all self-explanatory.

    Thanks for the example

    Thank you very very much

  • In A Recent Project I also Had The Same Problem With The Progress Bar, Text Boxes And A Slider. I Wanted To Cover The Window With Animated Doors That Opened To Reveal Objects At Start of Layout. I Tried A Multitude of Adjustments But Found A Solution/Work Around To Fix The Issue.

    I Created This Quick Example Capx File To Show How To Stop Form Controls From Appearing On Top Of All Objects and Layers On The Canvas,

    kmsravindra ashwin2000 Check It Out And See If This Concept Can Solve Are At least Help You Work Around Your Issue With The Form Controls.

    <a href="">DropBox.Com Capx File</a>

  • Thanks Will go through this.

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  • kmsravindra Awesome Hopefully Its What You Needed To Hide Form Controls From The Layout And Set A Condition Off To Trigger Them Into Site And Vica Versa For Re-hiding Them At A Later Event.

  • Hi,

    i use Filechooser in a personnal appli, to get an picture in a sprite.

    But, with Ipad, i can't get the filename of the the picture: i always have "image.jpg"

    It run very well on PC but not on Ipad.

    an idea?

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