Are there any downloadable tutorials for Construct 2?

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  • I'd like it if there are downloadable tutorials for Construct 2, right now I'm stuck with "for each" event and am having trouble with it, putting multiple enemies with their own masks/collision boxes but they don't behave the way they are intended and I don't know how to utilize "for each" effectively, I tried the online tutorial on this site about the "for each" but it didn't help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Open C2 - click new and scroll down that list... So many fully commented capx.

  • Post you capx.

    Or search in the tutorial section for enemy or AI : maybe you don't need "for each".

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  • A0Nasser sorry for not replying for some time, I was not at home and I had no means of contact anyway, I have posted a link to my .capx file here.

    basically I want the enemies to all have collision boxes and function normally, each should take the specific amount of hits to die (in this case 2 hits and the entities along with their specific collision box to be destroyed)

    but they either not taking any damage or they all die at once and leave their collision boxes intact or the rest of the enemies don't go in the direction of the player, they go away from him, which is why I need to know how to execute "for each" properly or I think I need to use "for each"

    and here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do

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