How do I : disable collision on invisible area ?

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  • Hi everyone,

    i'm really new to construct and i really need help with collision

    what i'm trying to achieve is to modify collision area of an object after an event

    in my case is :

    1. when a bullet collide with a box, it'll destroy a part of box surface and creating a hole

    2. after the hole created, that specific area will lose its collision check, so that other object can pass that area

    by specific i mean, if the hole is "round", that collision check only outside that "round" area

    any ideas would be much appreciated


  • You can try to setup the object and the collision change as an animation. The way to do that is easy. Once you have the object setup as mentioned, you just have duplicate the animation. In that duplicate, change the collision on it as you want.

    After that setup events to play the new animation when the box is destroyed. You can also achieve the same thing using frames instead of animations if you want.

    Here are a few images to show you how to setup the frames:

    Hope that helps

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  • hi Vallar,

    thanks for sharing

    i think that is one way to do it if i want to create a pre-define "hole"


    what i'm thinking is, we'll never know :

    1. how many bullet that player will shoot on the box

    2. in which direction the bullet will come or which part of the box the bullet will land


    the bigger the box, more alternative animation we have to make for all possibilities

    i try to browse for some example,

    i think what i'm trying to achieve is pretty much similar case to

    GUNBOUND (bullet to land collision)


    WORMS ARMAGEDDON (bullet to land collision)


  • Ahh, I see what you mean now. I didn't know that you needed precise collisions based on the player's action. Sorry, I misunderstood what you wanted.

  • The only solution I can think of in a first moment is to substitute the big object by many smaller object and check collision with them instead. Remember to disable collision for the objects that are inside the big object to improve performance and only enable collision when they are exposed.

    Anyway, I'll give some thinking to the issue and see if I can find a more ellegant solution, echolink!

    By the way, which plugin are you using for the mask?

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