How do I determine where the screen starts in the layout?

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  • I am missing a simple value somewhere, I am sure.

    I am making a sidescrolling platformer to familiarise myself using the awesome tutorials here, but I have a layout that is 2x the height of the screen (and ~5 times as long) and the dotted line to indicate the screen in in the top left corner of the layout. I need to start in the bottom left. When I run the layout to test - the screen seems to sit in the vertical middle of the layout and not scroll up or down.....

    I would really like to be able to scroll vertically as well as horizontally in my layouts. But I am unsure how to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance...


  • Maybe 'System:Scroll to object Player' or similar.

  • Thanks fort the reply codah.

    I've tried all the 'System:Scroll to' actions and none of them make any difference.

    Any other ideas?

  • Maybe try 'unbounded scrolling'.

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  • I tried a few things with the capx including unbounded scrolling but it didn't seem to work. But I didn't spend that long on it.

  • I don't know what you want but, your player was not jumping or doing anything. I have seen CAPX and done little modification now try it player jumps and collects item as well.

  • Wow. Turns out it was my sloppy work all along. Big suprise, huh

    2 things I had wrong:

    1- the BG layer was set to 50, 50 for parallax which was making it look like the screen was in the wrong spot vertically. I changed it to 50, 100 and then it looked right.

    2- I had the ground on the FG layer instead of the action layer. The player sprite looked like it was falling indefinitely because technically it was. I didn't realise that the original layer is set to 'Transparent: no' and so the ground was not showing up when I ran the layout, even though I could see it in the editor...

    So thanks for the help everyone - the error was occurring between the chair and the keyboard

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