Copy and Paste Sub-Events, Edit multiple actions/events

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  • For productivity reasons, i want to copy sub-events and paste them as such.

    Now they become additional conditions.

    And can i edit several selected actions, in this example to change them from castle to tree?

    When i double click with both selected, it edits only the last selection.

    When writing code, this would be easy, and also here it would save time - you would'nt have to do it for every single thing.

  • Depending on where you click in the event or action you will get different information highlighted, this allows you to copy/paste certain items easier.

    If you click in the small empty area to the left of the condition (ie. System in above pic) you can select whole event.

    Try right clicking and selecting change action or replace object, there are several options to allow choosing specific items in the event.

    Also, I believe if you select multiple actions/events that have the same object and use right-click-replace-object it will replace all with the newly selected item.

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  • Any idea how I can change all the "full" values to "sand", or "grass" or well... anything else all at once? I fear I should of done it a cleaner way first time around and now I want to edit it I'm up a certain creek without a paddle!

    (Its a 256x32x32 array, there's a lot more events with the exact same actions that need to be changed as well.... aprox 120ish)

  • Aguamoose

    Oh my goodness...

    Why don't you add another sub-event under #101 and replace all those lines with this:

    For "offset" from 31 to 1
      Set value at (ArrayTilemapper.CurX, ArrayTilemapper.Yaxis+loopindex("offset"), ArrayTilemapper.Zaxis) to "Sand"
    Also, you should use variables instead of fixed values. 
    If you put "Sand" in 10 events and tomorrow decide to replace it with "Grass", you'll need to edit 10 events. 
    If you add variable TerrainType="Sand" and use it in 10 events, you'll only need to edit 1 variable.
  • Good question dop2000 How did I not see that lol >.< Thanks for all your help!

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