How do I compare two tiles

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  • Hey oosyrag there is a logical mistake in the code u have written and i dont know how to chnge it...

    it was when a tile is swiped over another both the tiles should change into new color but the problem is after changing its original color the tap fuction is getting changed..

    for ex

    T1(0,1,2) T2( 3,4,5)

    T3(6,7,8) T4( 9,10,11)


    consider the above four as frame numbers and if T2 is swiped towards T3 (active frame in T2 is 4 and in T4 is 11)

    afterwards the both are changing into new frame no (say 6).Now look below for new frames in tiles

    T1(0,1,2) T2(6,7,8)

    T3(6,7,8) T4(5,6,7)

    well the above frames are not accurate but the thing is they are changing.And the actua frame is to be

    T1(0,1,2) T2(3,6,4)

    T3(6,7,8) T4(9,10,6).

    how to do this?

    if by any chance can u pm me i can send image to explain this (p.s i m a new member cant send pm).

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  • Only you know how you want your logic set up exactly, and I can't make your game for you (nor am I inclined to). Try to figure out as much of the logic as you can and if you have any specific questions about why something does or doesn't work the way you expect it to, I'd be happy to help.

  • I have nearly completed my project ,all logics were implemented but there are two bugs....

    Those two are very small bugs ,i couldn't solve them.So i hope u would help.

    i have attached link for capx the bugs..

    1.function is not working (i.e only function works when it has less than 3 sub events...if sub event exceeds more than 3 it is not working properly)

    2.i cant set tht bullet behaviour within a box(all tiles moving outside when swiped in tht direction)

    for functions i tried many methods still it works only when it has two or three sub events

    and second problem i created a box and made it as solid ,but still tile moves outside it.

  • ... .capx?dl=0

    Issue 1 - The added condition to the direction will let it run only if it is above, below, left, or right of the center of your boundary box.

    I'm not sure I understand what you are going for your function, but remember, ELSE will only run if the event directly before it on the same level did NOT run.

    It should work as all events do - The function will go through each event until it finds conditions that match, then it will run those actions in that event.

  • I tried making all sub events of fuction under else, it didnt work.

    Actual problem is function is not checking each event.Even if u don't understand what i have done see the below images u can see the basic logic i have done.

    capx file-

    In the above image (the tile image) see the nxtblk , blkno and function bloc no ,now see the code fuction bloc 5's code is different.

  • Well actually I'm not really sure how your condition works at all...

    Here is how I would set it up:

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