Can't import Sound, loader objects and get highscore to work

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  • Hi, I am really stuck on 3 things, would really appreciate if anyone could help, I've done the tutorials on all 3 a gone over and over and searched everywhere but can't remedy these 3 issues.I'm on the free version.

    When I import sound regardless of if it's wav, mp format, it always says converted to AAC but failed to convert to OGG, I've tried loads from lots of the recommended sites for free sounds. Sometimes the file is imported despite this error message but not recognised that there are any sounds to choose from in the events.

    Also I can't find the loader objects for setting up my loader page, I downloaded the file from the beginner tutorial but couldn't get them over to my project. The loading bar etc...Currently my loading page just stays as it is and doesn't move on.

    Last issue, I get the Nan message for the high score, following setting it up from the tutorial, I did the wrapping in int() that someone suggested in a comment after that tutorial that seemed to work for a few people with the same issue, and it gets rid of it but just permanently stays at 0.


    Cheers, Pete K

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  • Can you post a capx and/or let us know which tutorials you used?

  • Hi there, thanks for your reply

    I've sorted the sound now, but still well stuck on the loader and arcade style high score. I have a loader layout made as you will see. but can't find the objects, or get them on, even though I downloaded them at the end of the tutorial.

    The highscore thing I think the problem may be in line 41,42 where he uses system player health = less than 0, I just used player as it wouldn't let me start with system to compare the health. The rest of the highscore stuff is at the end of the game event sheet. It's all working well bar these 2 things but the code is all over and I was learning as I was going, adding things back and forth to the the end.. In hindsight knowing what I know now I would have used groups to keep similar things together, as it got longer it's now hard to find where anything is when it's just put anywhere. Too late for this one though, I only just sussed groups and inserting events above and below.

    Tutorials > Beginner > Publishing > [For Beginners] Custom Loading Screen

    Tutorials > Beginner > Video-Tutorial > Arcade Style High Score

    Cheers, Pete K

  • It won't let me attach the capx, think it's too big, 19mb

  • 19kb even, tried zipping it but still won't attactch

  • I messed around with the loader screen for a while but still haven't been able to get it working. It's kind of a difficult thing to debug. The loader screen only displays while the images in your project are being downloaded. So the only way I got it to kind of work was when it was served from a web server, and not from the local preview out of C2. I think I'll let someone that has had great success with loader screens help you this that problem. (Of course I have a need to figure out why it's not working, but that may take a little while.)

    As far as the High Score issue I used the template for Flying along and added in a high score and web storage. I removed all the default comments and added in comments where I changed or added things. I also put all the gameplay code not related to the high score and web storage into a couple groups so that you can easily get it out of the way. So take a look at my example file and see if it helps you out.

  • Hi, thanks for your help and the example capx, I've tried it that way, but still won't work, it just saysHighscore 0 all the time. I have 2 games finished now bar the highscore and can't get it to work on either. My games automatically go to the main menu screen layout on game over.. Could this be why.. Im only testing on runlayout, could this be why either, do you have to export and publish it for the webstorage highscores to work.

    Cheers, Pete K

  • Hi, again, infact when I run the layout for your example webstorage capx, that doesn't record the high score either, just says 0 all the time like on mine.

    Nothing seems to get the highscore to work, it's madness, one of the most important parts of the game and theres not much on it to get it working.

  • All sorted and solved now, thanks for your help, did the tutorial again and realised a couple of mistakes I made, sorry for being a divvi!! Thanks for your help.

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