What is the best way to create visualisable equipment ?

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  • Hello Dear Friends and sorry for my english (not my native language)

    I create my ARPG game in 2D but i have kept the asset creation and animation for the mid-end.

    And my probleme is:

    How do i need to create my animation for make personalizable equipment ?

    What is the best way ?

    Create every animation with every different equipment ? seem very long and not optimised

    Create every animation part of caractere seperatly ? seem better but with my animation programme this seem complicated to get a good result.

    Some one with experience can tell me what is the best way ?

    Thank's you and have the best life you can ! You all worth it

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  • You can do it either way by creating animations with the equipment or by using image points on your character and attaching equipment.

    If it is just a weapon that is used throughout the game I make an animation with the weapon as it gives a smoother animation in my opinion but if you are attaching lots of items to your character I would use image points.

    You may need more than one image point depending on the type of equipment and you may need to set whether the player or equipment is on top or behind in events.

  • Thank's for your answer.

    I understand better =)

    Have a nice day !


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