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  • Imo, Photon is a very good, viable multi-player plugin. Its pretty cheap and I've tried it with Unity games, its fast. The only problem I can see is some preferring to stick to a server machine, one they can run themselves or share with another game etc.

    Photon servers cost money, but if you're serious about making an online game, you need money.

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  • I got the javascript client and php server running and the following show it working.


    It would be easy to make this into a working plugin, i just need to know what information is wanted. Like player position and enemy postion is what i currently thinking of.

  • rfisher

    Thats pretty interesting, though the example doesnt work.

    Also, isnt PHP a bit Awkward for this kind of use?

  • DeMayunn

    I tried on 2 different computers using chrome and also on my iphone 4s and they all worked. I know it doesn't work with IE9.

    All this demo does is echo what you type in, but the function of the server can be changed to do anything.

  • I am using chrome, i get this - Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11

  • DeMayunn

    I just got that to, i think i need to restart the server. I let you know when you can try it again.

  • rfisher

    How is your demo EasyWebSocket? The point of EasyWebSocket is that you don't need to set up a server: "You want to use websockets ? ... You don't want to set up a server ?"

  • True and i'm sorry for posting here, i will create a new post about what am doing if you like.

    Also my demo is now working, i had to port forward to the server port from my router to make it work.

  • True and i'm sorry for posting here, i will create a new post about what am doing if you like ...


    Thanks for the clarification. No apology needed!

    Yes, it'd be best for you to start a new separate topic, say, 'A new WebSocket plugin'.

  • Other than EasyWebSocket and Photon i dont know any other open solutions for HTML5 multiplayer games, that require little-to-none Server-side programming.

    Using something like Nodejs is probably going to scare newbies off.

  • With easyWebSocket.min.js minified like it is, its going to be hard to customize the code into a plugin.

  • github.com/jeromeetienne/EasyWebsocket There are non-minified versions in the Gapp and Node subfolders.

  • DeMayunn

    I did not see that, i'm going to take a look at the code.


  • Is that dead ?

  • I'd love to know myself, but there appear to be a few better alternatives to using EasyWebSocket for making all the Client/Server code in C2.

    Mainly AtomizeJS and Firebase, but i'd never have the time to make anything with them, busy with college.

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