Rojo3d. 3D engine for Construct 2

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  • Hi again!

    Does this plugin use three.js for 3D ?!

    if (awnser==no) {

    Why you don't use it?! (this library is very amazing and has good performance! & with it some things (like VR It becomes possible!)


    & I have these plugins for 3D:

    What's the difference between your plugin and these plugins I have?!

    And you are support physics for your plugin?!

  • It doesn’t use any 3D library. I just use webgl directly.

    Why? Because it seemed interesting.

    It’s different from triangle3d because I ended up changing how it worked significantly.

    I haven’t used the others plugins.


    It’s a single object because I didn’t want to deal with picking.

    It doesn’t use an existing library because I couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted to and they are too bloated for my use case. This plugin is able to be drawn between other normal construct objects without an image copy per frame. Other plugins run on a separate canvas that’s copied every frame or layered over the game canvas.

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  • R0J0hound

    1. Yes - that's exactly it. I completely missed it...
    2. Sorry, wrong terminology - I mean having an Additive or Multiply Blend Mode for individual objects.
    3. Yes please. I don't know at what level of fidelity performance will suffer, but I would suggest Diffuse and Emmisive as a minimum.
    4. Yup. Omni, even without shadows would open a lot of possibilities. For any distance-bound lights, I would just have max light distance and an option to specify a decay curve (linear/square/inv square etc.)
    5. Yes - absolutely - it can't get any more optimized that using that condition. I withdraw my request - this makes the live link unnecessary.
  • R0J0hound

    Another feature I would love to have would be an animation system like I suggested in the Triangle3d thread:

    Extend Set object mesh with a parameter called Blend Time, defaulting to 0.0. Then, if the new mesh has the same number of vertices as the currently assigned one, the vertex positions will interpolate from the old mesh to the new mesh over Blend Time. It would be up to the user to make sure the vertex order in the two meshes is correct. If the vertex number is different, the blend would not happen and the new mesh would be loaded immediately (current behavior).

    What do you think?

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