Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Sorry for ask you 6 times in a row, but can you add "Apply froce/impulse at angle" for Oimo physics? How in official plugin.

  • I have no idea what you mean. Use "apply force in direction". "angles" make little sense in 3D, you provide a 3D direction vector instead.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Ok, thanks.

    A have a new questions) - what is it???

  • Play with those settings and you can adjust the texture wrapping mode to have a variety of edge/texture repeat settings. your questions are too unclear for me to really help you.

    "what is??!!" doesn't give me any information about what you want to know.

  • the uvmap problem you have it might be because your previewing the model in debug mode, try disable debug mode, or q3dphysics debug model view,that worked on me

    and also for your angle problem read this Topic

    QuaziGNRLnose can i ask if you go to the topic above and test the demo inside, there is a problem with it, when u click multiple times, and the force is applied on the white ball, sometimes, tends to jump in Y axes and go over other balls or over the table outside, is there a way to disable the y movement on the balls and stick to the table? i tried with gravity higher, instead of the default 9.8 i changed it to 200 same thing happens, i added platformer behavior, so it has a fall behavior and a harder gravity on Y axes, doesn't want to stick there,

    Also wanted to ask from long time ago, so,... i made a 3d pool table object, that has pockets with holes, and a container labyrinth under it, that is supposed to drive the pocketed balls to a visible area like outer side of the pool table, i imported it, in my project, but the model doesn't work, do i do something wrong? or even better, if that wont work, since has to many polys i guess, and c2 is going to read it as being a box colider, is there a way to import a torus with a hole into it (doughnut shape) ? and and object to fall through it? but colide with the edges?

  • Physics is very complicated/slow. To get good performance Q3D only supports spheres/boxes/cylinders. What you can do to get more complex shapes is combine multiple colliders by using overlapping physics objects. Q3D physics also supports compound shapes on a single object but it is advanced and technical to use, and must be set up in the event sheet. The capsule is an example of this. Try playing with the shape actions in the physics behaviour. I wish it were as simple as using the geometry as a collider but no games/engines do this and the performance would be horrible.

    If you want the objects to stay constrained to the table you could try putting a frictionless immovable invisible box above the table that prevents this. Try playing with friction and elasticity and the various settings too. Mixing the behaviours is a terrible way to fix the problem, as they will interfere with each other and be very glitchy.

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Ok, i remember it) Just i'm from Russia and it so hard to speak English for me)

  • If you want the objects to stay constrained to the table you could try putting a frictionless immovable invisible box above the table that prevents this.

    the demo already has the top lid placed on top, and is still passing through, i increased a lot the gravity , and the height of the invisible lid, and the borders are actually huge and still sometimes, the white ball only, because when i click applies force to the raycaster pos. and for some reason its acting like the vertical axe is higher then normal il try fix it, thanks for the tips really helpful

    i did a condition to keep the vertical position of the balls on table at everytick but that also doesn't work, for some reason sometimes the ball just jumps up and i have a very terrible well balanced density and elasticity!

    i think its a raycaster issue, the collision its detected higher then normal, and also wanted to ask what does the pass through allow function of the physics , and penetration things actually are? i increased allow penetration to 10 and the other 1 under left it at small as possible, its kinda working well now, but still guess its because of the c2 frame overriding the 3d plugin.

  • Like to buy this plugin, looks amazing but have 2 questions:

    1: is it difficult to create a game world like "Don't Starve" with this plugin, so we can just use sprites in place of 3d objects (like bill boards)?

    2: is there a simple example how to do the basics like the ground texture, placing 2d sprite objects like tree's, buildings and characters?

    Thanks in advance

  • Steely

    yea there is a 3d object sprite that is basically a 2d sprite image, but has the characteristics of a 3d model

    however Dont Starve game from steam its a 2d isometric game its not a 3d game

    QuaziGNRLnose was doing a test with different character models, however i cant really fix the issue where in the animation morph example the legs arms actually are bending and moving, how do i export the animations for it, i seen in the c2 example for the orcs animations, you have 2 .js 1 is a 3d model the other i guess the animation however , how do i get the animations separated from blender? or other 3d software?

    more simple what do i need to press or export as ?:D thanks again for your time

  • I am interested in this plugin as well ,just a couple of questions though.

    1 Is it possible to make complete 3d games, if Yes has anyone completed one.

    2 How difficult is it to use in Construct2.



  • [quote:i0srykz0]yea there is a 3d object sprite that is basically a 2d sprite image, but has the characteristics of a 3d model

    however Dont Starve game from steam its a 2d isometric game its not a 3d game

    Thanks for your reply, are you planning to make a template for a 2d isometric game like Don't Starve?


    Are you planning to make a tutorial for a Don't Starve style game?

    Thanks in advance

  • Steely

    i have in my plans around 100 game templates and a lot are in development, for sure il have some isometric templates in there, just it will require for you to make the graphics in that matter if you want to match the same sketchy scenery of Don't Starve.

    a few templates are made in Q3d also but simple ones as (temple run, 3d flappy bird, 3d mario in line , and some drag races )

  • , I've been having some success with morph animations in Q3D after not knowing how to do it at all, and I'm working on a mini-tutorial for your post, “Q3D Tips and Tricks.” I also figured out how to export the animations embedded in the .json file, so I don't need two files. And also, I figured out how to rename each separate animation without having to do everything by hand, frame by frame. And I'm also going to put that in the tutorial. I was surprised to find that the separate animations tween or transition nicely, and they seem to work better than rigged animations in Q3D. But—my method still requires that you create a rigged animation first. I don't have time right now to give all the details on how to do it (I'm not at home), but here's the basic idea:

    You take a rigged and animated model and capture each of its poses using the armature modifier. I do that by creating multiple duplicates (shift+D) of the original, one for each pose, capturing each pose and deleting the bones from each. I do this also with the first pose. I will then use the shape keys to create a “basis” pose for each model, select that model, then also select the first-pose model, and use the Specials menu to select “Join as Shape,” which transfers the basis shape key from the posed model to the first-pose model. Once I have all of the poses “captured” as shape keys in the first-pose model, I delete all of the other models so that only the first-pose model remains. Then it's a matter of using the Shape Key Editor in the action editor to place all of the shape key poses in the timeline and record them.

    I put all of my animation cycles in a single timeline, since it will all end up in a single timeline in the .json file anyway. (Edit: I misspoke here: I actually created all of the animations separately, then copied and pasted the animation portion of each .json script into the Q3D model's final .json file. Putting them all into a single timeline in the original model was wishful thinking; I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to soon.)

    I wish I had more time to give all the details, but I'll have that mini-tutorial up soon. There are a lot of tricks that I had to figure out before it would work.

    When exporting the model, I turn the skeletal animation off (no “pose” or “rest”), and click “Morph Animation” and “Embed Animation.” I can't remember all of the details of how I set up the export without my Blender in front of me, but I'll include that in the tut.

    Finally, to rename all of the “animation_” frames in the .json file, I made note of where each separate animation cycle begins and ends (by frame number). In the .json file, in Notepad, I used Edit>Replace to search for “animation_0000” and then the following digit (like 2, 3, etc.), typed in the name I wanted to replace it with—like “walk”-- and clicked “replace all.” I didn't explain that very well here, because I'm out of time, but I will also include that in the tut.

    I'm not sure if I answered your question for the time being, but I'll have more detail later.

  • terransage

    oh yes, that covers almost everything now i get it, basically you create create the animation sequence name each pose, then export the model and embed the animation, k so that's how, now what il need is to install the three.js exporter xaxaxa dident had time for it lately, since i was using only spheres, and simple models, but needed the part of animation for some future Q3D game templates for store have a great day , and thanks again for your response really placed me on tracks!

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