Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • QuaziGNRLnose excuse my curiosity ill buy it right away but first ive got some questions

    1st is there any need of coding with this plugin?cause i dont know almost anything

    2nd do i have to pay again if you update your plugin or you are in the same direction like c2? pay once and use it forever with free updates

    3rd im developing an rtype clone so ill try to mix 2d graphics with 3d objects for more depth.what is the limitation of an objects triangles?the less the best i know.even in unity and udk highpoly models could blow up a machine im not naive, but can c2 and q3d handle at least mid-poly models? i saw the demos and i thought it can.whats your benchmarks show?what is the highest of polys you try and run smooth in your pc?

    1. Not sure what you're asking. You will definitely need to know how to use construct, but as an example: everything in the tiny tank demo is made in the event editor, so no "coding" knowledge is needed apart from the ability to use constructs event editor effectively. This plugin requires an intermediate skill level with construct, so you'll need to know the basics.

    2. No, updates are free, its buy once.

    3. You'd be able to use this plugin to mix 2D and 3D. You could make your background/foreground entirely 3D and have 2D sprites above that background, if you really wanted you could make the entire thing 3D like Tiny Tank. All you have to remember when mixing 2D and 3D is that the 3D elements can't intersect the 2D elements, one will have to be above the other.

  • > Nice, let me know when the examples are added, I will purchase it.


    > 2 quick questions, is possible to implement a skybox? and occlussion culling?


    Yes a skybox is possible , There's only frustum culling at the moment i think. Occlusion culling requires specific types of geometry to really work well, i could try to add it later, what do you have in mind and what are you asking this for (as in what do you want to do that would require this)?

    Good, about skybox I thought Tiny Tank demo doesn't have skybox.

    Occlusion culling helps a lot of things if we add special design level which contain a lot of objects like trees, without occlusion culling, it's going to be useless to play due to bad lag after all. Unity3D pro has pre-built occlusion culling.

    I saw there 2 demos, it's enough, it would be nice to add more samples, I'm going to purchase it.

    I would like to ask 2 questions, is possible to add particle system like this http://aerotwist.com/static/tutorials/c ... e-js/demo/ and JSON like Sprite in future version?

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  • Joannesalfa

    Right now i don't have support for particle systems, but its one of the features i personally want very much so it'll be added eventually. You can create 2D camera facing sprites atm, not sure i this is what you mean by JSON like sprite. Tiny tank uses them for the match flame and explosion flash for example.

    You can manually cull objects if you want to by hiding/un-hiding them but this might have other bottle-necking effects due to the fact it would be super high level code trying to perform low level optimizations. I'll see what i can do but right now i feel there are features which should take priority over implementing occlusion culling.

  • JSON could help to make oclussion culling. We can store their JSON before gets destroyed and re-load with curretn JSON values when is on-screen, it's my theory. It's Ok, it could be added later.

    Anyway I got an error when I try to open one of your examples.

  • Joannesalfa

    Yea this alert is coming up in 170 but not 168, i'm trying to get to the bottom of it but it doesn't affect functionality, its something the checked release is doing.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thanks for letting me know.

    Another question, sometimes built-in behaviors are useful, is bad practice to use separated Q3D as Sprite 3D with one model?

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thanks for letting me know.

    Another question, sometimes built-in behaviors are useful, is bad practice to use separated Q3D as Sprite 3D with one model?

    The plugin isn't meant to be used that way, you can't even create two seperate Q3D windows at the same time without seriously messing things up because of the fact you can only have limited webgl contexts running concurrently. The way to do this is to link objects you create in Q3D to an object like a sprite or something, and make whatever properties you'd like shared, eg. set xyz position to (sprite.x,sprite.y,0) you can even pass the id of the created object to an instance variable so that it is always paired up and easy to pick the right object.

    Eventually there will be separate objects to be used with the main plugin that will attempt to make this sort of thing easier, they're on the way, but what i suggested is a good way to do things because the behaviors are 2D, so you really have to decide for yourself how you want them to work in 3D using events.

  • I've fixed the alert bug, an update should be up soon that also fixes another minor bug.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I see, I have no problem with that, I would like to learn how you did Tiny Tank like collisions between objects, also behavior like platform, I understand you wouldn't share this .capx due to complex event or maybe spagetthi code or your own reasons.

    I'd love to see a good library of simple examples.

  • Joannesalfa, mostly spagetthi code lol

    Yea they'll come slowly, but play around and see what you can do as well, the descriptions give a good idea of how to use the functions

  • Nice, I'm not trying to pressure you into to make everything. Whenever you can keep this plugin alive as new examples or updates when you get chance.

    Thanks for making awesome plugin!

  • >

    > > you should get an email, try checking your spam folder and if not let me know by pm

    > >


    > got the demo up and working


    > quest , u can load eg "human_walk_0_female.js" is there any meter to make to tell how long render loading time etc .


    > do u have an code for that ? this is cool stuff


    do you mean to make a loading bar? to make that you'd have to load a bunch of files in sequence as soon as the last one was finished, updating a loading bar graphic each time the load completes, i left this kind of thing up to the user to make since its pretty game specific how you want loading to be handled.

    you can load some .js files but not all their functionality is supported yet.

    Yes ok , i made a text loading = 1 to verify ... but why do i get


    when tying to use my own walthead.obj

  • Either you are not doing something right (use the action to load .obj files) or your model isn't loading because there's something wrong with it. Send me the .capx by pm.

  • yeeehh got the bunny.obj working now when I disabled the grid.jpg code line

    I have this dat.gui.js GUI , how can i implement that the best way .. any tips ?

  • I don't know what you mean by implementing a dat.gui.js GUI, it's not a part of the plugin!

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