[pre release] Turret Behavior

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  • IE9 doesn't support strict mode so will let you get away with strict mode errors. Try on the latest Chrome - I find their dev tools are best anyway.

    Apparently firefox 3.6.20 is also forgiving, as well as the latest opera and my build of chrome. I don't have ie9 to test, but it should be working as well. It now works with firefox 6 as well. Link updated.

  • Example.capx runs now in Firefox 5.1. Good job!

  • Hi, i just tested this and found that it doesn't work with 360 range, but it does work with -360.


    saludos :D

  • "This account is suspended" - Might want to upload somewhere else.

  • Fixed.

  • Thanks!!!

    Downloading.. and testing..

    You great!

  • Can somebody give a example capx how it (turret) works?

  • The example didn't work out for you?

    The point marked as target is the current target

    Black points are within range and angle

    White points are outside range and/or angle

    The dotted line represents valid angle and range

    Blue area is where targets can be considered valid - that is, the firing range.

    Tell me what you need and I'll whip something together for you.

  • I dont quite get how to set the target since there seems to be no action for that (beside target point).

  • You either target a point or you target the closest object. I could make it target by something else, what do you guys want?

    Target by UID?

  • Mind you, there are some features in the Classic version of the behavior that isn't in this plugin. Maybe you could work on implementing those. Predictive aiming, especially, that would be extremely handy for, say, tower defense games.

  • Could you please list them here? I am unable to install CC in this machine.

    Also, does the classic version implement predictive aiming?

  • Oh, yeah, it does. That's why I suggested it. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Lemme list the features that are in the Classic version but not in this one...

    General Features:

    • Predictive aiming
    • Being able to have a list of objects as targets
    • A reload timer to make it easier to allow for a short amount of time between bullets
    • Targeting options: "Follow first in range", or "Always the nearest".

    Behaviour settings:

    • Reload time
    • Target Method (Two options: "Follow first in range", or "Always the nearest")
    • Turret Rotation toggle
    • Predictive aiming toggle
    • Bullet Speed (Used for predictive aiming)


    • Is always picking nearest
    • Is always picking first in range
    • Is using predictive aim
    • On Shoot


    • Acquire Target
    • Add Object to target
    • Clear targets (clear the whole list, not just one target)
    • Set Base Object
    • Unaquire Target
    • Set Activated
    • Set Range
    • Set Reload Time
    • Set Rotation Enabled
    • Set target method
    • Set use predictive aim
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  • You are a genious! *-*

  • Predictive aiming and attaching to hardpoints is on it's way, though I probably won't be able to finish them this week (with the holidays here in Brazil and everything).

    Next up is targets as a list (both for actions and conditions).

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