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  • Thanks Pode. However, after I have tried the demos , I face same problem before. There is a large black bottom frame in the demo webpage.

  • curtischan : can you provide a screenshot of the problem ?

  • The problem is here:

    <img src="http://www.credeone.com/scirra/Pode_Problem.jpg" border="0" />

  • Thanks Pode for your awesome plugin, a very helpful one!

    However, I've found some problems on the pode_html_div.1.4, I donn't know if true bugs or mistakes from my part!

    -The first is the tilt on Windows Explorer. On Mozilla & Chrome works perfect, but on Explorer it tilts all the time.

    -Another is that is always on the top, making impossible to play with it on layers.

    -And last, probably because of the last point, you cannot use it with buttons or divs for press in a iPad. You can click on them, but you cannot press them on iPad.

    Thanks again, and sorry if this is my mistake!


  • rahms : I need to correct the bug shown by curtischan, so I'll add your suggestion at the same time.

    However, there are some things I can't change. The "tilting" with IE is because I didn't tested it with that browser (since IE doesn't support very well the transformations). I'll check what I can do with it, though.

    The "always on top" is because it's a "true" HTML element. Everything else in Construct is drawn on a Canvas, but not that (and it's not possible to do that in another way). I'll try to add an option to rasterize the DIV and paste in inside the Canvas.

    About the lack of touch, it's because I forgot to pass "touch" events (for the moment it's only passing click events).

  • Thanks for your response, Pode! And thank you again for your plugin!

  • This plugin is epic, many thanks to the creators

  • Hi Pode (or anyone else),

    I am trying to use your iFrame plugin, but can't quite make it work right. I have a couple of problems. Please help?

    1- I have a game that is sized 470x600

    2- Inside it, I created a 460x306 iFrame

    3- On the iFrame's properties I set:

    URL: saferplace.org/img/fotos01/01.jpg

    Style: game.css

    (I put the game.css file in the same folder as index.html)

    I need the iFrame to display the URL image downsized so it fits.

    I can't resize the original image manually, as I plan on having the iFrame display different sized images, some bigger than the iFrame, some smaller. The smaller ones should not upscale but remain their original size.

    When I run the game in preview mode, the example image properly downsizes. Also, smaller images behave correctly (no upscaling). But if I run the game from a web server, the image is undesirably scaled 100% original size and I get scroll bars.

    So my first problem is: how to make the big images downscale to fit (and keep aspect) when running the game online.

    The game.css I created reads:

    iframe img{width:100%; height:auto; max-width:460px; max-height:306px; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;}

    iframe {border:0; border:none; overflow:hidden;}

    But I think the iFrame is not using the CSS at all.

    So my second problem is, how to properly utilize the CSS?

    You can check the test version here:

    link to the game test version:


    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you very much

  • Pode - When I add the div plugin to my projects the touch function doesn't work when I try to view over LAN on an Android device. It happens on builds R89 and above, before R89 all works fine.

    - this is the touch LAN bug that I reported some time ago now. I finally pinpointed the problem. I'll build a capx later this week.

  • gamekill : if you can provide a .capx, it's easier for a debug...

  • Pode, here are the links for both the exported project, and the CAPX:

    • https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17328032/Temp/index.html
    • https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17328032/Temp/iFrame_plus_larger_image.capx

    As I said, if I upload and run the exported project online, the image gets 100% size, no downscaling. Unfortunately I need the downscaling.. and it does behave as desired in Preview mode.

    Thank you for your very nice work!!

  • how can i insert an html code in my game?

    i have

    <html><body><iframe ....></iframe></body></html>

    how can i do?

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  • puoidirloatutti : I don't understand your question.

    All : the first post of this thread is updated with a new release : glitch bugfixes and setFocus() !

  • Pode

    Error raise at

    HTML_Img_Pode_plugin.js, line 233

  • rexrainbow : thanks for the nudge ! It's corrected now. I updated the first post.

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