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  • Hi rexrainbow

    I'm trying to figure out which of your board plugins would work best for my situation.

    Imagine on a grid you can start dragging from a location, and it will highlight that spot. Then only when you drag up/down/left/right to a neighbouring grid space, that one will light up as well (unless its marked as unpassable).

    So you end up creating a path, but its not doing any "pathfinding". After you release the mouse button, an object would travel that path starting from where you started dragging.

    would a particular board plugin you have created simplify this for me?


  • justifun

    Unfortunately, there is no dedicated plugins for this function.

    It could be implemented by rex_board, I will make one sample later.

    Edit: Here is a sample capx, which only has 6 events.

    Please update rex_grid_move behavior then run it.

  • Update

    rex_grid_move behavior: Fix bug while move to current logic position.

  • Thx !! I was looking for this too !!

  • rexrainbow

    The "rex_board_hexshapemap" is awesome!

    Is it possible to use it with the normalt square tx board?

    I would like to make board shapes with simple squares.

  • xanxion

    What kind of shape?

  • xanxion

    What kind of shape?

    Like that for example

  • xanxion

    I would use excel (csv) to describe these square grids.

    Because excel is a square editor, it is better to have plugin for hexagon grid.

    Now, tiled also supports hexagon grid.

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  • Cool Rex! thanks a lot, i will definatly try that!

  • Update:

    [Plugin] Board

    - Add "condition:Are neighbor" to check if two chess are neighbor.

    Here is a demo for swapping two neighbor chess.

    - click two chess brick

    Capxrexrainbow2012-09-19 05:40:41

    rexrainbow It´s an old post. So I don´t know if it´s still working.

    I can´t find in the SysExt, the action that pick a specific instance inside the Actions:

    "Brick instance by UID to uidA, form All instances"

    The other options does not work for Families.

  • Another doubt.

    I set the chess to be created at local 0,0, but it apears in the center of the board.


    width: 6

    Height: 6



    X: 300

    Y: 200

    W: 60

    H: 30

  • frcol

    rex_systemext. But I can not remember that why it need this plugin, It should not.

    Anyway, board series plugin still works and improved.


    It works fine in my test environment, could you please provide a simple capx?

  • Hey Rex, you have a great plugin and you seem pretty active. I'm surprised I hadn't found this sooner.

    I'm creating a project using Kenney's hex tiles (they have a height) and I was wondering if you think your plugins/behaviors would be a good fit:


    At the moment each horizontal tile is it's own tilemap and I plan on using a helper function to pick my x,y. I would like to also use the Z axis but that would get even more complicated with this system.

  • Mylon

    My board series plugins do not support "height" (mapping position from 3d board) directly. But this feature could be implemented by offset position manually in event sheet.

    I could try to make a capx if you could provide a capx with these hex sprites.

  • I'm having an issue with setting the tiles. Its better explained through the capx. if I try to set another tile under what is there then I get this error. Assertion failure[Layout to board] error (5,7,0) had been occupied.

    I can go strait down. no problems. I can make dual lines, no problem. If I make an L shape then go under that, then I get the error.

    Here is the capx to better understand.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqmhbzv2fzh4u ... .capx?dl=0

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