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  • So my original project was a hex tile board game that had slightly slanted grids.

    I tried to set it up with this plugin and I'm noticing it won't pick up on the off centered grid.


    Is my idea not possible with this implementation or maybe there is an offset I can create?

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  • AnthonyB28

    Sorry, the layout2board plugin might not be suitable for hex grid, because that each hex tile need to put at the right position.

    You might create the hex tiles at runtime.

  • AnthonyB28

    Sorry, the layout2board plugin might not be suitable for hex grid, because that each hex tile need to put at the right position.

    You might create the hex tiles at runtime.


    Hmmm that seems pretty tricky to not be able to visualize the layout and leave it to numbers and trial/error.

    I'll play with it more, but if anything I'll go back to my old method. Thanks anyway. Awesome plugin.

  • Hi rexrainbow

    Can Layout2board predict the co-ordinates of a Parallax scroll offset? I want to find out where the final destination of an object with Parallax will be.

    I'm working on a Timeline that slides from layout to layout. The problem is that it's hard to plot the exact position of each layout so the camera aligns exactly.


  • Hi,

    awesome plugins! Just a small question. If I want to create a map with layered tiles (for example a grass tile on layer 0 (1,1) and a tree tile on layer 1 (1,1) so that they overlap) how can I do it? It doesnt work with the "createTile" method and a differenz "z" index. Any way todo it? I don't want to create tiles for every combination of ground and object (like fences, trees). Any way todo it?



  • Hi rexrainbow! First of all great plugin you have here!! :) it's incredible all your submitions to the comunity and I realy think some of them should be integrated into C2.

    Sencondly I wanted to ask you if there is some simple way to control each cell from yout plugin... for example, I'm trying to create a Strategy game with grid based movement and I wanted the player to know where he can walk.. let's say he has a moving range of 2(tiles), is there a simple way to make cells in a 2 tile range, flash? change color?

    If not, any ideias on where to look.

    Thanku in advance :D

  • Hey rex,

    This is a(nother) great plugin as usual. I use several of your plugins and they greatly reduce the headaches that I would've gotten without them.

    Anyway, is there a way to make the Board object have the persistent behavior?

    In my board game, I make the main layout using your Board plugin and movement with GridMove. However, when I go to another layout and go back to the main one, I lose the functionality of Grid Move. Everything else looks the same since they all have the Persistent behavior but I can no longer move my player piece.

    EDIT: I stop the creation of the entire Board (with tiles and chess) when I revert to the main layout because the tiles and chess can change according to the player's actions.

  • xDGameStudios

    You might check SLG_Movement plugin.

  • Thank you for the help!

  • Hey Rex, any word on the persist behavior I mentioned above? I'm now fast approaching the point where I have to choose between not using Grid Move (which I really don't want to do) or sticking with Grid Move and not using other layouts, relying instead on toggling visibility for layers.

  • Just a quick one, I tried going through some of the past pages but didn't see anything about iOS. This should be fine with the iOS exporter functionalities right? Just want to make sure that the plugin doesn't have any odd problems with iOS.

  • Just an FYI, tested the Board plugin and the MoveTo function and they work great when exported and wrapped with Ejecta on iOS.

    Awesome job Rex

  • rexrainbow

    First as everybody here I'd like to thank you (and also congratulate you) for such great work you provide. your plugins and behaviours are just amazing.

    I am really new Construct2 user and I am starting to 'play' with your board plugin. I'd really like to create some board games but I'll need to practice a lot with all this first.

    I started from one of your hex capx to have a 'chess move behaviour'.

    here is what I got so far :

    demo : lo-zone.com/labo/hexboard/demo/index.html

    capx : lo-zone.com/labo/hexboard/hex_board_test.capx

    On this demo I have one chess piece. i'd like to go a step further and be able to manage multiple chess on a same board. One click to activate the chess we want to move, then we can move it as the one in the demo.

    What would be the best way to do this? Using families? I started to try that way but without success so far.

    My goal would be to have each piece having all the same parameter but with different values (ie : cost movement allowed, life,...)

    On top of that I'd also like to know if you plan to have an isometric hex board in the future.

    Again great thank for this terrific work !

  • Cant change x,y position of SquareTX via game logic and can only do this in inspector view - could it maybe be updated to add setX and setY functions as I would like to center my board but layout view is dynamic because of scale outer.

  • Where can I get this plugin from? The download link is broken.

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