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  • I put some variable into "" followed the minify rule.

    Now it can connect to server, but the custom event (emit) is not correct, my server say it lose a parameter. I can not understand the code after C2 minify. Maybe there still other errors.

    PS. I use Socket.IO.min.js build:0.8.7 in my plugin chat.

    It doesn't use 0.8 yet.

  • Hello, really nice job with the socket.io plugin! I am going to be messing around with it today. I see that they have done something similar with ImpactJS called impactConnect that uses socket.io and node.js.

    Multiplayer Example Video:


    Github: github.com/cdreier/impactConnect

    My question would be is there any working .CAPX examples such as the video above for Construct 2 multi connection example?


  • No, there's no examples like that, sorry.

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  • Incredible,even if i don't inderstand anything <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    but.. can you tell me how to use the Websocket plugin so i can make a multiplayer server ?

    thank you very much

    (you should make a tutorial about it , i am sure that your tutorials will be known from all of us)

  • I'm looking forward to the release of the plugin in 0.8 ! I think I'll have a lot of fun working with it :)

  • I will probably ditch the WebSocket version of it altogether, as the socket.io version is the best one.

  • Bump! I updated the socket plugin with the latest socket.io release.

    I haven't actually tested it, but I'm 90% sure it'll work (I don't have Construct 2 on this computer, and because of a problem with my internet I am currently unable to download it). So if someone could give it a try (the cross browser version), that would be good.

    example_server.js inside the zip file contains a socket.io server. You will need to install node.js (and NPM - comes by default with node.js on the windows installer). Make a new .bat file, and put in:

    npm install socket.io
    node example_server.js

    And then it will be running, and the cap should connect to it. I will write the tutorial for it as soon as I can, I promise!

  • Thanks ! I'll give it a try :)

    EDIT : It doesn't work for me. Your example server listens on port 80 whereas your example capx listens on port 8001, is it normal?

    I can't get my client to connect to the server, and I have no way to find out why :/

  • Thanks for testing it, I'll fix it when my internet is fixed (3 days). Also, it shouldn't be listening on different ports (accident on my part) so try changing it to 8001.

  • Zack your plugins wont work for build 77

  • Apparently the url from the OP has changed.

    Try https://github.com/z0w0/construct2-zack0wack0 to access zack0's github.

  • Also how does websocket not work with r77 ?

    I've just installed it in r78 from the github repositery and I appear to be able to use them.

    Download and install from the socket-io folder.

  • yay!!! thanks Kyatric

  • Did anyone connect the client to a server using the plugin


    If anyone did , how?

    (Tutorial + serverfile)

  • Thank for the plugin.

    I made a client using the "socket-websockets" version but i got this error when running it:

    Uncaught TypeError: Can't add property socket, object is not extensible"

    solved by adding this line inside the "runtime.js" after the line "this.lastPort = 80;":

    his.socket = undefined;

    Here is a working simple client+server example:

    Client: http://www.mediafire.com/?qvadyqwqwx692ya

    Server: http://www.mediafire.com/?2soipgu5ug6s3wv

    The server is done in ruby with em-websocket so you will need them in order to run it.

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