[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • Which Ipod do you use?

    On the Android side, I found my game runs at ~ 60 FPS on WP8, while it runs at ~20 FPS on Android. I'm using Lumia 820 and Galaxy SII, which are almost identical in hardware term.

  • Submitted my first Construct 2 app for Windows Phone, without using the plugin initially, but unsurprisingly failed, due to incorrect handling of the back button (I was porting a game that I built for Windows 8, and was perhaps a bit hasty, but wanted to test the process).

    Once I added the plugin, it was pretty easy to add the handlers for the back button events, and I resubmitted, and hopefully will pass this time (I also added support for all of the tile sizes).

    Thanks to thehen for the plugin...I'm optimistic that my game will be in the store in a few days. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Any indication on when the next update will be out? Quite eager to try it out aha. :D

  • Wow! This plugin is amazing! Great Work, really.

    I had some troubles because this plugin only works if you dont export the project minified :P

    I have a question about the plugin. How can I know if a music have ended? like "On music ended" contruct native event. Can I use this event? or this is a TODO thing :P

    Thanks for the plugin! Now I'm waiting for windows store response :P

    Thanks again and sorry about my english :P

  • Dude, awesome plugin. Submitting my app now (it failed before due to no back button, which your app allows me to do)

  • thehen Hi Henry, any updates for the sound issue? have you had a chance to take a look at it?



  • Hi all, sorry about the lack of updates. We've been consumed by going massively over schedule with our Mortar Melon update. We should be pushing it out tomorrow, then all focus is back on the Windows Phone plugin.

  • I've tried porting over my game, however I notice that it only plays one sound at a time on a direct export.

    I tried using the "Play Sound" and "Play Music" events, adding in all the music and sound effects to the media folder and setting the file locations, but no sound is played when exported and tried it on my Nokia.

  • gamepopper pm me the Windows Phone build zipped up and I'll take a look.

  • thehen pm sent :)

  • thehen

    Thanks again for your work on the plugin...my game (Color Matcher, a simple matching game) is now in the Windows Phone store:


    The back button support was key in getting the game certified. The nice thing is that apart from the back button, very little work was required to port from the Windows Store version to Windows Phone.

    Thanks again!

  • devhammer awesome! Congrats! Is it available in the UK, I can't seem to find it in the store?

  • thehen have you had a look at my problem? I've found another person with the same issue. :/

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  • thehen

    Unfortunately, I released it only in the US and Canada, to keep things streamlined. I just submitted an update to include the UK. Will let you know when/if that goes through.

  • gamepopper I PM'd you several days ago, did you get it?

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