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2D gesture recognizer with multi stroke support for your games.
  • 0.40, 0.75 what number is this? what does it means?

    i wanna make a game with your plugin, please help

  • aurum34 : that number is the percentage of confidence. It measures the "similarity" of the gesture you just draw against the gesture in the database.

    You need to do some tests yourself to know at what limit you consider the gesture to be the same. It depends on the user, and the kind of gesture.

    For example, "a square", with a number above 0.75 means it's very likely to be a square. But, for example, for a circle, perhaps you need to set the number at 0.4 (for the "circle" gesture only).

  • i'm running the demo but the gestures are not being recognized, the circle and suare demo, the circle isn't recognized..... why?

  • the c2 physics deluxe BTW

  • aurum34 : can you delete all the gestures, only use circle and rectangle, and tell us back if it works ?

  • how can i delete the gestures? and how many do i have to delete?

  • hey, i wanna make a bullet object move when it's slashed to where it's slashed, how can i do this? can i have a line gesture and get it's direction? or is there another way?

  • aurum34 : there's a function "Delete gesture of type" + name_of_the_gesture.

    If you check my original demo, you can see the name of the 16 basic gestures implemented in the library (the names on the screenshot in the .capx).

    For the moment, you can't get the direction of a gesture. Just know that there's a gesture. If I have the time, I'm going to see if I can add that.

  • thanks, i'll try it out later and let you know how it works.

  • I am trying to add my own gesture that I have recorded using your gesture creator, but I must be doing something wrong. When I try to paste it into the box within the 'Add a list of points as new gesture of type' action I get the following error : Syntax Error, Expression appears to end before here.

    Any advice?



    **EDIT** I hadn't put it in "" marks ! Sorted now. Works great !

  • really great plugin.

    I have 10000 uses in mind

    however does it support touch or only mouse?

  • tried my luck, changed the mouse to touch and with some little adjustments got it to work perfectly with touch!

    works FANTASTIC

    <img src="smileys/smiley27.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I am trying to add numbers to the custom gestures.

    if i use "Add stroke example to Custom Type" in the demo all works perfect.

    however if i use the gesture tool to create the same drawn numbers and use the generated string using the "Add List of Points" command in my program, I'm not seeing the same great results.

    What am i doing wrong?

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  • bjadams : can you share a .capx ?

  • yes i will build a test capx asap

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