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  • rexrainbow

    thanks for reply, i`ll try again.

  • rexrainbow

    i still have a proublem. can you view my example? i tryed to get propertyes by several methods, but without success.


  • Try this:

    + for each tile property
    	[li]log in console : TMXImporter.CurTilePropName & " : " & TMXImporter.CurTilePropValue
  • rexrainbow

    i tryed again.it still doesn`t work. can you provide .capx example, or fix my tmx_prop_test.zip?

  • modified capx.

    If it still did not work, try redownload TMXImporter plugin.

  • rexrainbow

    i`m still getting problems. i have updated plugin, used simple test. test works fine, but if i simply replacing tmx file (it is more advanced and have several layers and tilesets and object layers) in editor (uploading another one in files folder) - condition "on each tile property" doesn`t work.what can be wrong?

  • rexrainbow

    please, update first post (there is old date of plugin update). and it really need tutorials about using tile properties and object layers

  • I struggled with it myself for some time. This is what I came with in the end :

    • setting TMX save mode on CSV
    • in Tiled, I used the "tile properties" option (right click on the tilde you want to set), and set "collision" to 1 for example.

    <img src="http://guizmus.fr/captures/c2/capture1.png" border="0">

    • events I used to load the map and set the collisions

    <img src="http://guizmus.fr/captures/c2/capture2.png" border="0">

    • How it renders (i set collisions only on walls)

    <img src="http://guizmus.fr/captures/c2/capture3.png" border="0">

    Here is the .capx if you want to try. You won't be able to open the tmx file in Tiled though, because of the tileset reference. Open it in notepad, and change the tileset path to yours, it's one of the examples of tiled.

  • Guizmus

    thanks for support! i made the same conditions and options (except i making tiles for block in additional tileset),but it seems something wrong.

  • Could you provide the capx with several layers?

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  • rexrainbow

    here it is. if you change map to map4.tmx - log to console working, but if using map4_2.tmx - log to console won`t work.


  •   <tile id="0">
        <property name="tile_type" value="solid"/>
      <tile id="1">
        <property name="tile_type" value="map_changer"/>

    There are 2 tiles which have "tile-properties", tile id="0" , and tile id="1".

    And, there are 2 layers named "terrain" , and "upper".

    There is no tile id="1" in these 2 layers. Some are tile id="0". tile id="0" is a special tile which means "no tile here" (the start index of tile id is 1), I'm not sure why it has "tile-properties".

    In this plugin, it will skip tile with tile id="0". So there is no tile which has "tile-properties" in these 2 layers. No message shown at log.

  • rexrainbow

    n this plugin, it will skip tile with tile id="0".

    okay, now i`m understand where was problem.thanks!

  • Does version 0.9 only have gzip format for saving? I could not save as uncompressed format or CSV format.

  • rexrainbow

    settings - save tile layers as - csv

    map - map settings - layer format - csv

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