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  • Yes, I use that one already

  • rexrainbow your AVG demo capx doesnt work with new plugins It still asks for TMX importer old and CSV to fn, where can i download these

  • kusht0794

    Try find them in this link. Sorry for that I did not have time to update AVG demo capx to latest version.

  • rexrainbow Thankyou for the help , But Uncaught error while running - Cannot read property length of rex_timer_behavior.js line 345. If we Click Ok It runs but only with 2 characters you and pink hair

  • kusht0794

    Sorry, it looks like that I need to fix this demo capx. But I did not have time to do that recently, please skip this demo capx.

  • Hey rexrainbow is there any chance of getting a slight redesign of the TMX Importer to work with C2's tilemap objects instead of sprite objects acting as tiles? I've been having a hell of a time getting it to work with tilemaps as it is :T I have a small .capx to share my attempts if you're interested.

  • Tokinsom , since a tmx file is just xml, you can use ajax, xml, & browser to load tmx data and parse it straight into a tilemap at runtime. I've done this without any added plugins.

    What exactly are you wanting to be done? Just updating a tilemap object with data from a tmx file?

  • More or less. I've had no problems getting the TMX Importer to work with a single tilemap on a single layer. It's when you have multiple layers and tilemaps that issues start popping up left and right.

    Never thought about parsing the .tmx data myself...I don't have any experience with XML anyway :T Would you happen to have some old .capx's lying around you could post here?

  • Tokinsom

    The requirement looks like setting more than one tilemap object for each layer of tmx file.

  • Well yeah, that's a given. The problem is getting the proper tile data into each tilemap object..I have no idea why it isn't working.

    1) I can only get 1 tilemap object to load the proper tile data

    2) The tilemap objects occasionally get the tile data mixed up (I assume this has something to do with loading the tilemap images externally)

    I don't even know what else can be done - there aren't a lot of options.

    I've uploaded a simple project folder here if you wouldn't mind taking a look. (Extract the Test folder onto your desktop for external files to work)

  • Tokinsom , here's a capx showing how to load the tmx data, parse it into json data and throw it into a tilemap object. Doesn't require any special plugins. Maybe it'll help?

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  • Prominent I appreciate the .capx but having no knowledge of xml or js makes it pretty difficult to use...I need it to read multiple tilemaps, objects, and numerous properties as well.

    I am really close with the project I linked earlier - there's just a few weird problems that don't make any sense. Never had these problems when using sprites instead. rexrainbow can one of you please check it out?

  • Tokinsom , I'm not using the latest version, so I couldn't check your project, but accessing objects/properties from the tmx file should be relatively easy if you spend a little time getting familiar with XPath and how to access data from an xml file. I didn't know much about it prior to making that capx, and it was simple to figure out with a couple tutorials. I don't think you'd need to use javascript for any of the object/property stuff. The only reason why I had to use javascript was to change the way the tile data was structured.

    If you're using the tmx importer, I'm not familiar with that, so I guess rexrainbow would need to check out how you're using it since I can't help you with that.

  • Tokinsom

    It is better using browser (chrome) export since it is easy to dump debug message.

    In this capx, I saw one tilemap object type for two instance, each instance loads one image. It might not work, because one tilemap object type only owns a image for all instances.

  • Update

    Add "Action:Reset tilemap" to load tile ID of a layer into official tilemap object.

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