[Plugin] System date and time

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  • Update

    • Support save/load system
  • This plugin is phenomenal. So simple, yet it adds SO much to construct. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • New to Construct2 so I am probaly doing somthing really obviouly wrong here

    Also just trying to work with it:

    <img src="http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb414/ruffusmagnium/timer_zps77035ec0.jpg" border="0" />

    "now" instance Var

    I get nothing when I click button.

    Anybody let me know what I'm doing wrong or not understanding.

    thnx <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • SquareMation

    Test capx, it works fine.

  • Feature Requests:

    • Add Week as time unit
    • Add "Get current month NAME, ...."
    • Add ability to add days, weeks, months, years to today's date.

    I realize that it is possible to convert to milliseconds and then back to do the date calculations and to assign variables for the month names [and I'm doing this now :) ], but it would be easier on the user if these were already baked in.

    And Thank You for this Great plugin, should be added to core functions!

  • devaldivia

    • Get current month name could be done by add an array which has these months name. User could assign the months name with english or chinese.
    • Convert to millisecond to days, weeks, months, years. I thought it might have many formats, user might want to convert milliseconds to days only, or weeks+days, or months+days. So it is better to make by events.
  • Noted. Thank you anyway for the useful plugin.

  • I am pretty new to Construct2, would this plugin be able to be used for an in game to-do list? If so, where would be the best place to start?

    Thanks for any help, I love your multitude of plugins!

  • I meant with an alarm function that would go off when the to-do list item is scheduled...sorry for the double post...

  • There is seem to have a bug with the plugin. The unix timestamp I have is this 1376419130, which on online conversion 08/13/2013 6:38pm GMT, which is good but with the plugin, it gives me the year 1970, january 16th???

    Rex Rainbow, any idea?


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  • rexrainbow, thank you for making this plugin, very useful!

  • Love this plugin, except... is it supposed to be off by one day?

    <img src="http://puu.sh/4iL58/333214c1fd.jpg" border="0" />

    zeropad(Date.Day(Date.UnixTimestamp), 2)&"."&zeropad(Date.Month(Date.UnixTimestamp), 2)&"."&Date.Year(Date.UnixTimestamp)
  • rexrainbow how to show hours like 23 as 11??


  • Great plugin, this is exactly what I was missing in C2.

    However I have same problem as McKack, except Im 5 days off, rest of the time (year, hours, etc.) is fine. Any suggestions?

  • mikva and McKack

    Date.Day will give you the "day of week" (0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday, up to 6 for Saturday)

    You want to use Date.Date to get the current day of the month (1 to 31).

    Thanks for the awesome plugin rexrainbow!

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