[Plugin] : SVG Canvas (vector graphics !)

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  • NRABrazil : I have added a new build to the first post with a new method to help you.

    All : I have added the .capx of the original demo to the first post.

  • Hey Pode !

    Thanks man <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Will help a lot!!

  • nice plugin!

    am i able to draw my own things on it like microsoft paint?

  • johnELLIS : for the moment, it's best to use it to display pre-drawn SVG files.

  • Flash exports as .emf and .wmf. Are these compatible with your plugin? Thanks.

  • kenhes : no. You need to use an .emf or .wmf to .svg converter before using this plugin.

  • hey so i want to add behaviour effect - platform to the svg sprite....and its not letting me. do you know how i can change this?

  • Hello, I've been having some trouble importing SVGs from Inkscape, particularly the ones that contain hashtags and exclamation marks (All of them without exception), as they are considered invalid characters by the plugin. Is there something I can do about this, or will I continue to have to export to a bitmap? I don't really like the prospect of writing an 81KB SVG by hand.

    When I attempt to import them into the SVG Edit tool on Google Code, there are too many errors. Particularly for the vectors that contain masks, clips, and groups.

  • sir Stranger : since the plugin parse with regex the SVG string, I didn't do anything special about # and !. I'll escape them in a future release.

  • Pode, how is the plugin coming along. Does it meet the outlined specification yet?

    Also does the plugin build on top of other tools like canvg or is it your own?

  • I've tried to use this plugin, but in loading an SVG background, the SVG is put on top of everything else. It disregards layers and Z order. I have been poking around in the plug in javascript to see if I can make up a way to control the z ordering of the SVG canvas once something is loaded up. Any thoughts on where to look?

  • FuzzyLlama   Go back to page 3 and read Pode's last post. I wish we could control Z-order too. In my test I tried z-order bar, putting svg on its own layer below others, and using run time move to layer actions.

  • I like working with vectors more than pixel type artworkposting to watch this thread.

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  • Pode

    Hey Could we get a couple of updates :) It's looking pretty good. but these would be great if you can get them working.

    1. Get the z-order and layers working :)

    2. Render to an image context on any size, colour, deformation(not rotation) and instead render the the image context instead of the svg object constantly. That way this tool would be super wicked for mobile devices :)

  • Is it possible to draw freedraw lines?

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