[PLUGIN] "Share" Popup Fixed (Fb, G+, Twitter etc.) V3.5

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  • i am interested in this too.

  • Hi, someone has recently bought this plugin and try it on Intel XDK for Android and iOS? Is it working?

  • Hi, someone has recently bought this plugin and try it on Intel XDK for Android and iOS? Is it working?

    I bought a few days ago, paypal send automatically link for V3 version. I tested it and it doesn't work in XDK.

  • Hi There,

    I just bought your plugin 2 days ago. Tested it and it works beautifully , Thanks a lot !

    But i have one question. when we share to Facebook, there's a box with the image we uploaded, with some text "weebe.nl" . Do you think we can change that anywhere on this plugin ?

    Cheers mate !


    I bought this plugin a few months ago and it worked fine for some time. stctr offered his own server in order to host the images that are shown besides Facebook posts. The server crashed and know the whole Facebook and Twitter share function doesn't work anymore.

    I tried to contact stctr 2 months ago via PM and via skype chat. He is not responding and the server is still down.

    Save your money and do not buy this plugin.

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  • Does anyone know of any recent Plugins that work well? After reading recent commented regarding this, I don't feel comfortable purchasing this...


  • For web related development social share plugins you can find more here


  • hi , i just want to ask first

    can we share screenshot in the game and then share it to whatsapp with your plugin?

  • I have paid you 10€ , why don't you send me the plgin??? Please check you email, okay?

  • I just paid for the plugin... I was redirected to a web page that have a download that contained a php folder.

    After uploading the folder to my server now what? The actual plugin wasn't in the download.

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