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Two levels with two sistem Wave. with Source-code (.c3p) + HTML5 Exported.
  • Just tried it on iphone 4s with IOS 6, same problem, the scan area stays black (even after hitting the snap button).

  • Hello, I use cakephp and wanted to use your plugin, but do not know how to store the value read the QR Code. Could you help me?

    Thank you!

    My email is arthur.laerciomvk@gmail.com

  • Hello Sir I'm trying to use your plugin however I can't manage to make the camera working

  • jervyn : what setup ? (cocoon, xwalk, chrome...)

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible for me to go to another layout when using this plugin as I keep receiving an error when trying to stop/destroy the user media?

  • Pode hello, great work i have question can you make plugin (code and decode) other qr codes? like AZTEC ?

  • Damn.. It works!

    Cheap windows pad + Construct2 + your plugin = effective QR-based e-guide for our little museum in minutes and for free!

    Man, you're awesome. Thank you so much...

  • Pode

    Can i read barcode also? If yes, can i use scanner, not camera only? Thanks!

  • Pode

    Can i read barcode also? If yes, can i use scanner, not camera only? Thanks!

    you might want to commission or ask someone to create a plugin for C2 based on this code bar reader js api or use browser to execute it and read directly the barcode using the scanner.

  • Thanks!

  • Pode

    Nice plugin! Sadly, it doesn't work for me.

    I exported your example as HTML5 (to be perfectly clear, I didn't change anything in the capx) and runned it on Chrome and Firefox, and the camera is never recognized. The UserMedia object stays black even when pressing "open" or any other button.

    Tested on Chrome on a Huawei P8 Lite (phone, not tablet) with android 5.0.1

    and on iPad Air 2 with Chrome v.58.0.3029.83 and Safari

    Then I exported to android via Phonegap, installed the app on my cell phone (Android, Huawei P8 Lite), and the UserMedia object still stays black at all times.

    When building via Phonegap, I unchecked "minify script", and checked "uses camera" and "uses media" under permissions.

    Any idea about what I'm doing wrong?

    Something to define in Phonegap Build maybe?

  • Could anyone please share this plugin? Links dead...


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  • Good night

    The dropbox links are not working, could I make the new plugins links available so that I could have as a basis for studies?

  • i have uploaded the QRcode plugin from pode

    Decode plugin without demo

    Rable thanks for the link:


    quaggaJS, as suggest, would be awesome to have in C2 or c3.

  • Here's a plugin that decodes QR codes in Javascript only !

    It's based on the work by Lazar Lazslo (the JS port of the ZXing library : github.com/LazarSoft/jsqrcode)

    As you see, it's possible to recognize a QR Code captured byt the User Media plugin.

    The demo showcase the recognition of a Sprite containing a QR Code (for example generated by my other plugin : QR Code Creator), but you can also recognize a snapshot taken from the webcam.

    It works on FF and Chrome (surely on Opera and Safari desktop too, but I haven't tested it on my machine, I don't have a recent build of those on that one).

    The demo : dl.dropbox.com/u/1412774/QRDeco ... index.html

    The plugin : dl.dropbox.com/u/1412774/QRDeco ... de.1.0.zip

    The .capx : dl.dropbox.com/u/1412774/QRDeco ... eDemo.capx

    QR Code for this page :

    Pode2012-09-17 16:56:06

    its Destroyed

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