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  • <font color=black>http://www.keepautomation.com/products/net_barcode_aspnet/barcodes/data_matrix.html symbology which can store from 1 to about 2,000 characters. DataMatrix ECC200 version supports advanced encoding error checking and correction algorithms (reed-solomon). QR Codes can contain more than just a simple link to a website: Use them to link to a video, your Facebook profile or an MP3 file�anything a modern smartphone is capable of doing. Directly take your visitors to the relevant content, without the hassle of typing in complicated URLs.There are plenty of free QR Code readers on the market.</font>

  • Pode,

    How long can the string be?

    I would really like to be able to use this to transfer data between two devices (and programs), the first one being a user interface creating an array, the second one using the data from that array.

  • LittleStain : you need to do test. The largest mode is type number 10 with quality "Low", but not every phone will decode it, because their camera isn't good enough. In version 10, you can store 395 characters.

  • Pode : Thanks for the info, I will test and see.

    I've got quite a bit of info to transfer, so I'll probably need to figure out a way to send only the part that actually changes and fill in the parts that stay the same (or are deductable info) after transfer.

    A new challenge lies ahead.

  • Pode,

    After searching for a very long time why your plugin wouldn't work, I found out I had to set Webgl to off. I don't need Webgl in my project, so it's not a big issue, but could there be an issue exporting?

    (I thought I read somewhere some exporters automatically turn on webgl, but can't find the related info anymore)

  • LittleStain : I didn' do anything at that time to make it work with WebGL. So I'm afraid it's only to work when you export without webgl.

  • Hi Pode, can i use this plugin and the QR Decoder (http://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-qr-code-decoder_topic57006_page1.html) on projects and export the with cocoonjs?


  • hcporto : cocoonjs doesn't provide a true HTML subsystem but only a wrapper to translate DOM calls to OpenGL calls so those plugins won't work, sorry.

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  • Hi Pode,

    is it possible to put the data of the qr-code into an array? I mean pixel by pixel in lines and rows. If it�s possible that whould help me alot in my latest project...

    thanks in advance


  • Kuschelbauch : the QR code isn't working like that. The best crossplatform way to use it is by encoding a string into the code. You can theoretically encode some binary data, but the place of every pixel on the graphic won't match anything of that data, since some of those pixels are there to provide some redundancy mechanism.

    Furthermore, in the state of the browsers today, don't trust the browser or the Javascript VM to not mangle your binary data. Strings are safe, binary array aren't.

  • Pode: Thanks for the fast response, but i think you missed my point, I don?t want to encode or decode anything of the qr code by myself, I would only like to use the data to create the graphical output by my own. cause i would like to change the color of the dots for example... a bit like these modern qr-code generators that implement logos and graphical effects to the qr code.

    with your actual version the output is allways black and white, and thats the part where my app is comming up. It?s to design the qr code more pretty...

    hope to here from you and best regards


  • Pode again

    so this is what it whould look like in the final version:

    <img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ULMBwqG2fk8/Ta2mO6IIWZI/AAAAAAAAAKY/59PoPBhXUyg/s400/Subway%2BQR%2BCode.jpg" border="0" />

    But I need the data point by point to generate this, at the moment i use a very strange way to detect every dot from your data matrix, but thats not a very good way...



  • Kuschelbauch: you can extract the QR code image as a base64 string, dump it into the Canvas plugin and manipulate it there.

  • may i ask you pode, is this work for android?

    cuz i need this

  • Pode, By any chance did this feature to add the option to export it to texture got developed? Please suggest if there are alternatives to download the QR code in an image format?

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