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  • Great plugin, but I've encountered a bug:

    In a top down shooter game (like the example Ghost Shooter), the player can still rotate in place and spawn bullets that then move when un-paused.

  • I just arrive to C2 and this is my first installed plugin. Thanks rex!!!! ;)

  • It is an useful plugin. THanx a lot!!!

  • Any Ideas how to do multiple Pause using your plugin. I tried using 2 pause for my game. an example would be ....

    1. ButtonPause1 will go to layer 1

    2. ButtonPause2 will go to layer 2

    But the problem is everytime i press a button, Always Buttonpause1 is active. Even i press ButtonPause2 it will go to layer 1. Any ideas the workaround. Thanks!

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  • I get a Error at start of C2. I have copy this Plugin to Construct2\Construct2-Win64\exporters\html5\behaviors - it will not work, and i have copy it in the Plugin Folder, it won´t work also (Errormessages at any way).

  • > Macbee

    > No, sorry.


    Thanks for your reply! =)


    > Welcome to C2.

    Right now I want to make games for Windows.

    C2 can't export games to .EXE so I'm not interested in C2 yet. Thanks anyway!

    Macbee FYI, I am fairly certain that C2 can do this by exporting via Node-Webkit

  • Check if uncompressing the .7z file (install the "7zip" program to do so because it's not a standard format as .zip) create a folder into folder ... so if you get a /rex_pause_dt/rex_pause_dt/(files) only copy the "last" rex_pause_dt folder containing "files" into the behaviour folder.

    In editor because it's a behavior and not an object ... add the pause behavior to an object and then retrieve pause actions events and conditions using this object.

    This plugin is interesting to specifying some objects/or instances of an object that need to be paused and not. But if you need to put all your game in pause the standard command System.timescale set to 0 (paused) or 1 (running) do the job.naelian2013-08-17 12:33:34


  • Can anyone link me to Rex Rainbow's video plugin.....would be super helpful. I have a video file on c2 and can't open it without it but can't find it anymore.

  • briabreu

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/577 ... x_video.7z

    I will put it back to video plugin page

  • rexrainbow

    hello rex, how to use your Video Plugin with offline mode? any instruction?

    when i try to playing my video, it doesn't show anything.

    I hope you can help me, thanks

  • rexrainbow

    hello rex, how to use your Video Plugin with offline mode? any instruction?

    when i try to playing my video, it doesn't show anything.

    I hope you can help me, thanks

    Use official video plugin.

  • I'm trying to use your plugin, but i'm getting the error


    Unable to load behavior in "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\behaviors\rex_pause_dt\: Found 'GetBehaviorSettings' global, but it is not a function

    This behavior will not be available in the editor.


    then obviously the project says


    The project you are opening uses addons that are not installed:

    Plugin'Pause' by Rex.Rainbow

    Please install the missing plugins, behaviors or effects and try re-opening the project. Note projects can be opened with effects missing, but not with plugins or behaviors missing.

  • consternation

    Here are two plugins. One is rex_pause plugin, the other is rex_pause_dt behavior. They work independently.

    You might download rex_pause plugin to open this capx.

  • sorry, can you provide a download link?

  • sorry, can you provide a download link?

    rex_pause plugin

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/577 ... pause.html

    rex_pause_dt behavior

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/577 ... se_dt.html

    Or you might download all by this tool, included installing.

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