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"Easy Local Notifications" enhances games with customizable local notifications.
  • irina, you have to find another plugin for notifications that you need. That notifications works only in app. Look at demo.

    Ragevortex if you want to adapt plugin for your needs - you can edit css file in plugin folder

    cristiart i can add clickable notification. will this help you? or you need clickable text that triggers?

  • , thank you very much for this!

    I also think that an option for clickable notification will be very useful in some cases!

  • Either one can work, but I think text might be more versatile as long as it is BOLD or different color so that it STAND OUT. You see, in my experience people tend to ignore text especially if is long; so having something that stand out it will make them pay attention.

    The problem with clickable notification is that people might not know they can click on it especially if you are using non-clickable notification throughout the game. How can you know the difference? Of course you can say "click here" in your notification text but that might defeat the purpose of having a clickable notification vs clickable text. Also clicking on the X button to close the notification, might trigger clicking on the notification it self.

    So over all I think text it's a better approach.

    As for the go to link/click, I think invoking a function is the best use, since is the most versatile option out there. This way the notification can link to things inside the game as well as outside the game (outside URL).

    Example: Click here for more details on how to discover a secret weapon, or whatever! OR - Click here to brag about this on facebook.

    Thank you

  • cristiart, eli0s updated! See first post for demo and download

  • , thank you so much, you rock!

  • This is GRATE, THANK YOU. At this point this is not just a notification but rather so much more. A must have plugin for any game.

  • here's another thought; a condition to check if the notification is visible, this way if you click on the notification you will not trigger the sprite underneath.

    For example if you have a clickable sprite underneath the notification you can give the condition -

    On click sprite

    if notification not visible ->sprite action...

  • cristiart, i don`t know is it really need?

  • I'm using your plugin on a game I'm making, and sometime I have objects/sprites behind the notification, so when you click on it you also click on the sprite behind which is suppose to do something else when you click on it...

  • Thanks SirG, I'll be using this in my entry of IGMC (If I get it done xD)

    I will most likely use this for info to the player, and dialog!! It's perfect for what I needed, and I wasn't even looking xD

  • Seems like when I have multiple click notifications up at one time, when you click 1, it activates all of them!

    anyone else having this problem?

  • Is anyone else getting the problem that when using this plugin and you export, you get a black screen?

  • InvaderX are you using minification?

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  • Yes, I am. Does that break it?

  • InvaderX try without minification

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