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  • I am using your rex_ngio_medal plugin successfully on Newgrounds, thank you for a great contribution.

    I have downloaded your rex_ngio_loader and you wrote: Handles loading various URLs and tracking referral stats.

    My problem is: One of my games placed on Newgrounds is being iframed on a number of different websites. I am o.k. with that but the generated iframe-views are displayed only in my private Game Statistics and not in my NG published game bar.

    Can I use your rex_ngio_loader to track if my game is being played on the http://www.newgrounds.com or on some other url?

    I would like to determine if the game is being played on Newgrounds and, if it's not, just open the game's newgrounds url in a new window.

  • PavleNikolic

    rex_ngio_loader plugin is used to get predefined url or go to these url. It could not determine that the app is in an iframe or not.

  • Something to keep the game from running somewhere else.

    Someone submitted my game I uploaded to Newgrounds to another site.

    They didn't even upload it somewhere else. They just grabbed the link from the Newgrounds server.

    you can easily set that security in c2 just compare the url if contains newgrounds if not set the game to show blank page or smth else

  • Newgrounds uses a content delivery service so there's no way to tell what the exact url will be. Parsing for "newgrounds" wouldn't be very secure since they could just use it in their folder structure, although that would require deeper investigation than you might expect from drive by thieves.

    But that's moot any way since the url for browser.domain is always of the source, not the parent window.

  • newt i see, yea they have a official api for game security site-lock thing

    i said newgrounds cause didn't remember the official gateway for game hosted which is this for everybody uploads[.]ungrounded[.]net followed by a custom unique hashkey for each user .... i was just saying could be done that way also, if you worry about your game being stolen via iframe thats even easier to block... just check the browser if detects iframe content... and stop loading the game.

    but there is already a tutorial for that https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/860/si ... ame/page-2

    but yea the official api wold be must easier <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> and the ads wold be nice to have ... the cpm rate on newgrounds is insane high

  • Hi

    Sorry for posting here but I still have no reputation to send MP

    I'm looking for somebody that can help me setting up a registration&leaderboard server for a set of mini games we're working on right now

    I'm looking for a freelancer to involve in the project quickly

    and yes, we have a small budget for it



  • Tenkan

    There are firebase, parse/back4app, backendless, or this newgrounds services.

  • Update

    Rewrites documents of ngio plugins.


    Please move this thread to Completed Addons section.

  • Is flash ads supported as yet?

  • emmanuel1100

    I guess no. I did not find html5 supporting of ads.

  • rexrainbow There is no Medal PopUp notification event?

    [quote:3bwrmk70] Medal popups

    You can use the Medal Popup component if you'd like a visual notification when a medal is unlocked. The Medal Popup component will appear and show a message whenever a medal is unlocked. The Medal Popup must be on the stage when the medal is unlocked.

    Actually have the Medal achieved, for test i made simply: On Press 0 = Unlock Medal with ID=XXXXX , the medal is unlocked but there is no feedback to the user the medal has been unocked. Only when they refresh the page he can see the medal icon unlocked.

    Nothing in your example .capx or actions/expresions, , maybe is not supported by C2 - Plugin ¿?

    BTW, thanks for the plugins very easy to use .

  • Cool plugin! Will the leaderboards work for mobile too or is it only for the newgrounds site?

  • mihirolover

    I did not test on mobile browser, neither on mobile wrapper tool.

    Scoreboard should be read on mobile browser, imo.

  • mihirolover

    I did not test on mobile browser, neither on mobile wrapper tool.

    Scoreboard should be read on mobile browser, imo.

    Thanks for reply! So if you will use it in mobile export, how could you login if you dont have a newgrounds account. Say for example, I just like to use a dummy user account. Is that possible?

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  • I tried compiling it using Cocoon.io for android, and I always get compilation error.

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