[Plugin] Mouse Lock (v0.5)(UPDATED)

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  • Okay, it's already solved.

    When I got the error I was using Windows 8, with the r90 version of C2.

    Just had to uncheck the minification option and now it works correctly.

    Thanks again for the help.

  • Karapan

    Glad it's working for you. However, it should work after minification. I had an issue with this before, but I thought I'd fixed it.

    Here's a slightly more recent version of mouse lock. I've exported w/ minification using this version before, it seems to work.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mici7sws7j0n3 ... .5.7z?dl=0

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  • great work !!! ,, that plugin,,,, helped me a lot

    thank you !

    also I am gonna help u to fix one thing to get v0.6

    just change in


    ----- > document.pointerLockElement =

    document["pointerLockElement"] ||

    document["mozPointerLockElement"] ||


    ..... now it will be working for chrome to detect if pointer is unlocked or not

    try it at my forum,,,,,

    its multiplayer game i am working on

  • Great plugin for NW.js games.

    But I'm experiencing problems on latest Chrome:

  • When I updated NW'js to v0.13.0 alpha 7 (Chromium 47), when I'm testing on NW.js my game gives this error:

  • tecbug

    thx for notifying, I'll take a look at it when I can and see if I can fix it

  • Hey TiAm, really nice plugin there!

    I found some bugs too. Whenever you hold any mouse or keyboard buttons, mouselockx/y and rawx/y will not follow mouse movement very accurately, even if the mouse isn't locked.

    I also had issues on a PC running Windows 10: it returned really low values for those, even if no buttons were pressed.

    Please tell me if you need any more specifications!


  • tecbug TiAm

    I had that same error message with NW.js. At line 440 in runtime.js I just commented out everything like this:

    /*document.pointerLockElement =	document.pointerLockElement    	||
    											 commenting out the above line makes this work as intended. Don't know why.
    											 document["mozPointerLockElement"]	||
    This also fixed the problem I had with "Mouse is currently locked" condition.
    A couple of lines above in the runtime.js file it actually says "//the below isn't working. Commented out for now."
    Was it supposed to be commented out and was just forgotten? 
    Haven't noticed any issues so far after doing that.
  • Real useful. Good work !

  • TiAm Are you planning to update this great plugin?

  • Thank♥

  • TiAm with this plugin is possible lock the mouse to move only in a given angle? How can i achieve that?

  • McKack You get the MouseLock working in NW.JS? i have the same problem but i not understand very well your solution, can you upload your MouseLock plugin please?

  • matriax

    I've uploaded it to my dropbox

  • the dropbox link for the plugin is broken and i need to download it for a construct 2 game im creating for school

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