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  • leotaglia It does work for opening internet sites. The problem I am having is when I try to type into the input box in the iframe. Even though the keyboard comes up it still doesn't allow me to type any text in sometimes. But as Nandynho mentioned, the Iframe and the text box are made up of the same HTML element, which led me to test the input box also when exported to PhoneGap via Cordovo. And yes, the input boxes are not allowing me to enter text, so I know I must be doing something wrong. I also read a lot of problems regarding this issue in this forum. I am not sure what the working solution is.

  • Emac

    Several websites does not allow display its contents in iFrame (facebook e.g.).

    Please , rexrainbow, Ashley or anyone.

    It's not possible type into text box exported in Cordova?

  • Nandynho After testing on several mobile devices, I found that the textbox and Iframe only work on Android 4.4 and higher. The response is very slow or hardly work at all on any version below 4.4 So thank you for all of your suggestions. I hope that this post can assist anyone else out there who may going through the same procedures. Again, thanks cheers!

  • I did not know of this limitation.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Question.

    I have a script for ads which loads fine if I put it into some .html file, and load it via url, but it won't load if I just paste the code for it into the object.

    It won't even load if I try to add the string at runtime.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to get it to work using just a string without having to make a physical file?

  • newt

    You can put the code here?

  • <script language="javascript" src="http//:someadserver.com/myad.php?id;pass; blahblah"></script>[/code:33jum5f9]
    The source part is fetching ads from a php server which I think is the issue.
    I tried to figure out if there was some way to get it to think that it's coming from a url, but running javascript from the browser object is a genuine pain in the ass.
  • You can not insert external Javascript in runtime.

    Try to insert: (http//:someadserver.com/myad.php?id;pass; blahblah) in "Javascript Import" below of the "CSS Import".

  • [quote:yq93j7ur]"<script language="javascript" src="http//:someadserver.com/myad.PHP?id;pass; blahblah"></script>"

    How it works this php code being called as "javascript"?

  • I don't know.

    All I can say for sure is that it won't run unless the plug is set to iframe, and if the html the script it is in is local.

    It won't work if the html file is removed.

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  • You can make an example? (capx)

    Not sure but may be a delay in loading the script.

    When the script is hosted on the machine can load faster.

  • It's the way they have it set up. They don't want you to show the it anywhere else but the specific domain the ad is made for.

    I've already had my games solen and displayed on some other site.

    What I was hoping to do was rather than just site locking the game was to have the ads display once I had created one for the pirate domain.

    The problem is I can't change a file once the source is stolen and uploaded somewhere else.

    I can have the game get some other file, or get a string from somewhere else, so I could possibly make it so it got ad ids and make it work that way.

    But, all they have to do to stop that is remove the file.

    I've been looking at ways to get around that but none have worked thus far.

    I checked out creating a file from html strings, but it won't work because of either the url check, or the javascript not running, I'm not sure.

    Some other solution along the same lines might be to make a blob, but that is well beyond my ability to piece together.

  • Hello, if i put on object Browser to Fullscreen, then the IFRAME doesn't show and not works. How to fix this?

    I tried it on firefox, crome and edge, all not work

  • nikosurfing thank you!


    New Version v1.11

    • Bug fix (request full screen in browser plugin)


  • newt Sorry, I have a very bad english.

    I do not understand very well, to better understand I needed an capx example.

    I'm so sorry.

    *or if you can speak in portuguese

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