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  • Nandynho nope. your example didn't opening. C2 get's a bud that Plugin 'deprecated' by PlayLive is not installed

  • Hi

    The trigger On Load don't work on cross origin for me (it work on node js but can't trigger on chrome firefox and edge) everything else work very good

    Thanks for your plugin

  • tamixx thank you for thanking

    Have you exported or are you in preview mode? In preview mode there is a security block by the browser, only in Node-Webkit that works normally in preview.

    Try exporting and uploading to some website, remembering that if exporting but trying to open offline (without having uploaded to some website) will also give security error.

    Axiomaltd updated: capx


    New version 1.36 (Mar 25, 2017)

    Download - For compatibility error with old projects

  • Nandynho i run it in exported mode on my own website secure with https (let's encrypt) and allow origin * in my php header the iframe load correctly but some trigger just don't work on cross origin exported mode

  • on minimizing app on android , after restore application - black blank screen.

  • Sorry guys, I'll need some time to check this out...

  • How to use this plugin, you can import your Js code?

  • danila_11

    Yes, in this example though very old it imports a JS file and a CSS file.

  • danila_11

    Yes, in this dl.dropbox.com/s/e0i75o01t3urmat/HTML%20%26%20iFrame.capx example though very old it imports a JS file and a CSS file.

    Thank you!

  • Nandynho


    iam trying to use the HTMLIFrame plugin for my project...before i was using the podeiFrame plugin. Both with the same porblem. iam building the project for ios with cordova..... i have to include html websites into the app (to show events, news and other pages, witch are hosted by the customer).

    Both plugins are not working correctly on ios, because i cant set the widht and especialy the height for the iframe.... on the ios devices the height is always as large as the webpage i want to show with the iframe plugin. Is there any possability to customize the iframe plugin?

    I downloaded the plugin from this thread:

    (Nandynho post)

    Its very important, and i didnt found a solution, maybe someone has some experience with the HTMLIFrame plugin for IOS Apps.

    Thank you very much!

  • Congrats2u how are you?

    Unfortunately this is an IOS issue, it does not allow it. Here SoldjahBoy asked me but I could not find a solution. I tried putting it inside a DIV but it did not work, unfortunately I do not have IOS so I can not try to create a solution alone.

    If you know how to do this, I'll be grateful if you tell me.

  • Nandynho

    this is a really annoying problem.....its always apple which causes some issues - i never have problems with other platforms...

    yea i either dont know how to solve this... i mean there are people with a lot more html5 experience - even for mobile devices. But we have to solve this...so yea... we will see.

    if you need to test your solutions, you can send me your capx. i can test it for you on my ios device. Probably you will set up a lucky shot


  • Can you help me how to get the content height so the iFrame can adjust the same height to the content.

    I intend to make bubble chat with this plugin. I hope you know what I mean.

    second, I set the property text selectable=YES, but when I run test, the text still can not be selected.

  • Can you add Hotspot property please... please....

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  • Can you give me an capx example? I think it's easier to demonstrate than to write.

    Hotspot? - Why do you want that?

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