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  • Great! Thanks.

  • rexrainbow

    about RandomGen plugin. Is it possible reset "seed sequence" from RandomGen? Right now I have to destroy RandomGen and create it again to achieve that, which is a bit of overhead.


    RandomGen1 generated 15 numbers, RandomGen2 with the same seed generated 25 numbers and now they are out of sync. Resetting both RandomGens should sync them again.

    by the way, very powerfull plugins, allowing you to save a lot of bandwidth and messages in multiplayer.

  • xoros

    Call "action: Set seed" again to reset(create) random gen object with specific seed.


    I had added an expression:Seed to get seed back in random gen plugin.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • i'm not really sure what this plugin is I was looking for a pattern generator but as far as i can see this is more like a shufflebag than a pattern generator, since pattern generator should have "a pattern" to follow, like

    3,6,4 means that if i start at 1, then 4, then 10, then 14, then 17, etc...

    and this looks like i can asign a number to a letter and then shuffle like a deck of cards or a bag of tokens. and it's cool but the name confuse me, OR maybe, the translation to spanish of "Pattern" is not as expected xD

  • kingpirux

    You are right, the name is not exactly matching the behavior of this plugin, it is a kind of random value generator.

    I will edit the title of this thread, but I could not edit the display name of this plugin, because that this plugin had been published in my friend's book.

    What behavior do you expect in a "pattern generator"?

  • lol well in a pattern generator i'm expecting a procedural logic.

    As i tryed to explain in the example, let's say that my "procedural logic" will be 3,6,4,-5, the ecuation is "+" and the starting is "1"

    Then this in a loop starting at 1 may return:


    (1+3)= 4,

    (4+6) = 10,


    (14+-5)= 9,




    17.... and so on

    A pattern is some kind mathematic or logic that you can follow or find.

    So this plugin should:

    Based on a premade or Generated seed : 3,6,4,-5

    Using a conector or ecuation: +

    Create a loop, and

    Find a result in X position: Example, in the 6th node = 12

    Also, this is not necesary matematical, in the same way you did in this pluggin, a number can be a Letter, so if the seed is: A,C,H and the ecuation is "-"

    then in this phrase "Hello i am Emmanuel Cesar and im talking too much", the result is

    Node1: "Hello i m Emmanuel Cesar and im talking too much"

    Node2: "Hello i m Emmnuel esar and im talking too much"

    Node3: "ello i m Emmnuel esar and im talking too muc"

    because the letters are substracted in that order, so if you give me only those nodes i can find the pattern by just looking at what is being deleted, and by logic i can say "The letters are substracted in the order A-C-H"

    i don't know if you understand my point

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  • and no, this is not a random generator, this is a ShuffleBag, in many game lenguages (and i think in C) the shufflebag is this wonderfull plugin that allows you to pick "numbers" in random but in order without repeating, its perfect to create a deck of cards, this plugin with array is wonderfull for board games.

    EDIT: Gashapon is a good name for this xD

  • kingpirux

    Thanks for this explanation, now I understand the "pattern generator". It might be too general to make a plugin, a sequence of events might be a more better solution.

    And yes, I changed the plugin name to "Gashapon", but I could not change the folder name of this plugin right now.

  • Hi rexrainbow

    Is there a way to get categories for the patterns? I want to use diffrent kind of patterns for my game.

    For instance

    Add Pattern "chartboost" with count 4 in category "RewardedAds".

    Add Pattern "admob" with count 4 in category "RewardedAds".

    Add Pattern "enemy_1" with count 2 in category "Enemies".

    Thank you!

  • AndreasR

    Put multiple rex_patterngen objects (Gashapon plugin) into projects, each gashapon is a kind of category, like

    Gashapon "RewardedAds" has

    • "chartboost" x 4
    • "admob" x 4

    Gashapon "Enemies" has

    • "enemy_1" x 2
  • AndreasR

    Put multiple rex_patterngen objects (Gashapon plugin) into projects, each gashapon is a kind of category, like

    Gashapon "RewardedAds" has

    - "chartboost" x 4

    - "admob" x 4

    Gashapon "Enemies" has

    - "enemy_1" x 2

    Thank you! I didn't know that I can add more of those objects Thank you!

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