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  • This is not the library I was using, but is the same thing


    I am thinking of testing it using my USB mouse, in theory it should work without using Mouse or Touch plugin. For the moment my PicMicro motor controller is not working, but after I see Construct can be used to communicate to USB I'l be taking the next step.

    My final goal is to use Construct not only as a game environment...but also as a brain for a small robot, where I use my Android phone for decision making

    I know visual processing is alot complicated, but for things like 3d accelerometer Construct makes it really easy for me.

    For the moment I am unable to build my own JS plugin but I plan to get started after I finish my current game project.

    Can you give me a simple example of how to use your plugin to capture mouse movements for example with the above lib? (for now all is chinese language to me)


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  • Cipriux

    I will read them. It will take some days. I'm not sure what can I do.

    Anyway, thanks for this information.

  • rexrainbow

    I think it will be great is someone will develop a plugin for USB, similar to Gamepad but with the possibility of mapping specific commands, that way you cam make specific mapping for different USB controllers and devices. I know Gamepad plugin is best suited for Xbox controllers and from what Ashley say about it, firefix and chrome interpret the commands from the same controller differently.

    An ideal way will be to have user defined commands in and out(out for vibration). I know is difficult because of the specific driver configurations, but is just a thought.

    Thanks for you interest in that !

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