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  • I would separate multiplays features to social like

    • chat with other users, broadcast messages, send private messages, post messages on wall...
    • friends list and send gifts to friend...

    and realtime/turn based gameplay. So mix more than one services might be a better solution.

  • hmott

    official multiplayer plugin is based on web-rtc protocol which is not supported on iOS and has connectivity problems due to firewalls on some networks.

  • rexrainbow Is there a way to view all the registered users on a selection screen?

  • r2cvv

    In dashboard, you might see the registered users of built-in password email users, in login & auth page.

    Or you might save the info into database of firebase manually (when user login, save something into firebase) for all kinds of logining users. So that you could see them in data page.

  • Bit late to the party but I wrote a basic game to test whether using firebase for twitch games was possible

    https://construct2example.firebaseapp.c ... part1.html

    Set the remote time with clock adjust, and a forgetting factor k = 0.5 to get the best results IMHO. Judge for yourself! mouse and cursor keys and left click

    Each window is a different connection to firebase servers, so you can use this to get a feel for the performance on different devices. In the US and on a browser I think the bullets are well synced, but on a mobile it gets more bursty (that's a dropped packet causing a backlog in the TCP ordering guarantees). Though very few games on mobiles have solved the real-time multiplayer problem, the best real-time games for multiplayer insist on a peer-to-peer arrangement on a common wifi access point. Doing real-time multiplayer on mobile devices is hard because of the crappyness of the underlying cell data delivery mechanism, its not all about WebRTC vs TCP vs UDP vs Websockets

  • what was supposed to do the plugin? dident got the idea? ok im clicking and creating or deleting the big colorful circles, whats the point int that? i could do it in events.... is this some new viral app? or clone of something new? i don't really find a use for it, no offense rexrainbow i have almost all ur plugins but this 1 i cant really see where to use it or im to lost in my world i forgot to check out details , a response will be appreciated thanks a lot and keep up the good work your a hero among us

    hrrr is this linked to a external server? or don't mind me im a bit simple minded right now ) need resupply my cigarets

    ah never mind i understand now )

  • Firebase is one of possible back-end solutions, for mutliplayer games, or collaboration applications.

  • Update

    Release plugin rex_firebase_simplemessage, rex_parse_message

    And a demo-

    Message board

    • Edit fields name, title, content then press "Post" button to post a message on wall.
    • new arrived message would spark at bottom.
    • Press "Refresh" to refresh current page of messages. Press "<" or ">" to turn to previous or next page.

    Firebase is good at receiving message immediately, but it could not read by page, so it used parse service to read history messages.

    Savvy001 had used these on his app.

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  • Update

    Add 2 plugins to get server time

    rex_firebase_timer, from firebase service

    rex_parse_timer, from parse service

    These are similar with rex_time_away which get time from local system.

    Since these plugin get time from firebase/parse service, these might be more credible.

  • rexrainbow

    Hi Rex,

    Being the GENIUS addon expert you are ( seriously, your addons are amazing ) is it possible for you to make a Facebook Leaderboard one. Where the highscores from only your friends will show up on the leaderboard?

    Could it be done?

  • METR1C

    I am not sure, I could try it. Add into TODO.

  • rexrainbow

    Good stuff, very much appreciated. If anyone can do it, it would be you.

  • Update

    Add rex_parse_authentication to sign up/login with parse's built authentication system.

    Now user could use firebase only , or use parse only , or user firebase+parse both.

  • Quick question: do you think this might be a good choice for creating a simple roguelike game? I'm thinking something equivalent to a scaled down Realm of the Mad God. But I'm not sure if some other sort of service would be better for fast-paced combat.

  • DatapawWolf

    It is possible to create roguelike game.

    Here is a demo of moving on a big maze.

    Designer might create a dedicate application to maintain npc on this maze -- there would be 2 kinds of application, one is for human players, the other control npcs and system events.

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