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  • Hi, i am having some problems with this magnificent plug in, i have a two layouts project, with one of them writing on firebase and the other one reading, i am using itemtable to read and write from the database.

    When i launch the application, if i enter the second layout, the ranking, it reads ok, but the moment i enter the first layout, the one that writes, even if i don't do anything, when i enter again the second layout, it doesn't read from the database anymore, is there something i am missing?

    Edit with more info: i have used two different tags when loading the itemtable, and even two differente instances of itemtable for reading and writing, and it is always the same, the moment i get into layout 1, the 2nd one stops working

    More edit: it is related to itemmonitor, wich i am also using to check for changes in the Database in Layout 1, if i remove all instances to itemmonitor evertything works, but i need it, i tried to stop the monitor everywhere but keeps locking the queries of L2 afer i enter L1

    Final though: when i launch the Start Monitor is when it crashes, even if i stop it right away... is there a workaround or is it a bug?

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  • Qel

    Please provide a very-very simple capx which only has necessary objects and events for debugging. I could not imagine what happen through your post, sorry.

  • Thank you rexrainbow

    When i was trying to simplify the capx i realized where the error could be, i filter the select from the database by date, from-to

    if i remove the conditions it works always, if i don't, it only works while i don't enter the first layout, it works if i go in and out the third layout, wich is only a menu.

    FINAL EDIT, i am an idiot, thanks for your patiences, watching the image i realized it couldn't be a database or plugin problem, because it was using CuritemID for filling the table, so, it was correct, i took a look at the variables "hasta" and "desde" (to and from) i was using and they were empty!! thanks for your patience again and sorry

  • Qel

    The next generation of rex_firebase_itemtable is rex_firebase_itembook, which contains multiple tables and it can modify multiple items across these tables in an atomic write process. i.e. values will be changed at the same time, and it has querying function to pick items by a single condition.

    Therefor you could use itembook to query items by a single key condition.

    Querying in firebase is limited, uses backendless if you need powerful querying features.

  • Hello, HOoo... Error line 61.

    for what is this?

    version contructor2: https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r233

    Thank you

  • Excuse my English:

    I answer myself and thanks anyway, I leave here the data if someone happens.

    This error occurs when working locally.

    It works out well using the plugin using APIV3 rexrainbow.(http://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/rex_firebase_apiv3.html)

    I hope it helps someone who has the same problem and thanks again to rexrainbow x this and other plugins.

    Disculpe mi ingles:

    Me respondo yo mismo y gracias de todas formas, dejo aquí el dato por si le sucede a alguien.

    Este error sucede cuando se trabaja en local.

    Se resuelve tambien usando el plugin de rexrainbow que utiliza APIV3 .

    Espero que ayude a alguien que tenga el mismo problema y gracias nuevamente a rexrainbow x este y otros plugins.

  • paulsoler

    Yes, rex_firebase plugin could not work standalone. rex_firebase_apiV3 is necessary.

  • Wolney

    firebase authentication has several authentication providers -

    1. built-in email & password login, it should be worked in mobile phone with Cordova(Phonegap).

    2. other three party authentication providers like facebook or google+, the problem is how to pop-up login window in mobile phone. It might need other plugin like "In App Browser Plugin". But I do not have any experience of Cordova(Phonegap)



    Good morning Rex and Sang, how are you?

    I was very happy when I saw the plugin Rex_Firebase_Leaderboard work on android with the cranberrygame_CordovaGame plugin.

    How can I use the plugin "In App Browser Plugin" to send the data to the Firebase next to Rex_firebase_Authentication? If you have a link on how I can do this, it will help a lot.

    Thank you Rex and Sang

  • HI Rex or evyrone else here who could help me

    So I want to save variables datas (like localstorage but on internet with Firebase)

    I'm using the "save user variables.capx" example, but in the template, there isn't any variables in the event, so I have some doubts about the expressions and how can I use them.

    Please, does someone could tell me how modify this expression according to my example datas below ?

    ACTION BROWSER : "Gold= " & SaveSlot.BodyValue("Gold")

    ACTION SAVESLOT VALUE : SaveSlot.BodyValue("Gold") + 1

    Here, "Gold" seems to be just the keyname and not the variable....

    My datas example :

    My variable : coins

    My key : "coin_key"

    So What I have to type exactly according to my variable "coin" and my key name "coin_key" ? Please ?....

    Thank you very much

  • You are right, "Gold" is a key not a value, but SaveSlot.BodyValue("Gold") returns a value of the "Gold" key, like an official dictionary object.

  • Ok thank you very much, I will try

    EDIT : Ok, so where I have to insert my variable "coin" ?

    For example, in this expression : Prepare Set Key "Gold" to 100 in slot body

    If I have a variable Coin, can I change it by : Prepare Set Key "Gold" to Coin in slot body

    Key : Gold

    Value : 100 (replace by Coin variable)

    Slot : Body

    Is it correct ?

  • Yes, it is correct. That will save 100 at key "Gold" (or "coin" if you name it).

    Sets properties in firebase api V3 plugin to your firebase project, then you could see the saved data in dashboard.

  • Ok thank you very much

    And finally to export it on Android, i was using Cocoon but I heard people it's not compatible with this plugin.

    What do you use to export your games on android about you ??

  • I don't export my plugins on mobile device.

  • so does that mean that nobody has tried this with xdk?? I'm thinking of implementing a solution for my game (which is finally built on xdk) using rex rainbow's plugin for firebase but i'd like to know in advance if it will be a waste of time....

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