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  • That's great. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Unfortunately "newline" doesn't work in appending text on textfile. Any chance to fix that ? :(

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  • Tenshi : aaaaah yes ! I forgot about that. I'll add it as soons as possible.

  • Would be the awesomest thing since invention of the wheel.

  • Wow this plugin sounds exactly what I needed. I can't wait to try it tomorrow when I get in the office.

  • I'm having trouble getting the "Newline" to work.

    I downloaded the demo "FileSaveDemo.capx" and it works GREAT..

    I created a simple dummy project with 2 text boxes and an OK button.

    Saves the text file just fine, but for some reason it does not seem

    to recognize the NEWLINE and insert a linebreak.

    ON "OK" button clicked

    FileSaver Clear File

    Append TextBox.Text & Newline

    Append TextBox2.Text & Newline

    Save to File TextBox3.Text & ".txt"

    That's the whole program...

    Any ideas or help???

  • New Post:

    I was wrong, the demo "FileSaveDemo.capx" does not insert

    the NEWLINE either..

    Any ideas???

  • Any news on the NEWLINE bug fix???

  • New line fix ???

    By the way, works on a MAC when I export to an executable app.

    Does not create newlines within Chrome or Windows executable APPs...

  • I also get ""real_create_object_url" not defined" error so this plugin doesn't work for me.

  • I am trying to save html pages as files using the filesaver.js.

    My idea is to save files when the download button is clicked.

    Here actually I have a few blobs and I am running a loop to save all the blobs one after the other using the same saveAs function. And when I am doing that only the first blob is getting saved. Somebody please tell me what can be done to save all the blobs.

  • @those who wants newline fix

    Newline seems to work actually with wordpad. So maybe there wont be need to fix newline. Works great with wordpad, but doesnt recognise the command with notepad.


    My problem is;

    If I export my project with nodewebkit(desktop) and save file, It doesnt create and save any file ? Almost in any engine or language its possible to create new files (save files, xml files, data files, save images) Why it is so difficult, almost impossible with C2 ?

  • Pode does the webcam work on Win7?

    Anyone can give me some info?

  • Pode , my dear Pode ,

    does this work with android?

    If yes can you post an example (capx) please?

    Thank you in advance


  • Hi sorry for my bad English, I have the same problem xelobo

    i have this error message when i try to test the fileSaverDemo.capx, and the webcam no turn on :

    "uncaught referenceError: real_creat_object_url is not defined 91(col undefined)

    this is either a bug in construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior-please report it to the developer!"

    How can I fix it? thank you all

  • Pode I'd like to bump this thread with the image-saving concerns of xelobo and LassApp

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