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  • hi rexrainbow

    here is a question about cvs .

    while the row name is chinese ,then csv won't work.

    for example:

    a b

    c 1 2

    d 3 4

    like this ,cvs work perfect

    but when

    甲 乙

    c 1 2

    d 3 4

    cvs can‘t work,i can't ge the value by (set text to cvs.At("甲","c")

    maybe i miss something?

  • mobileshadow

    It worked fine. For example, load csv string




    then get 1 by csv.At("甲", "a")

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  • my english is poor ,excuse me to type chinese in english envirement.


    插件就是您的网站上下的,包括示例,我是在C2 的环境内直接改动了您的例子(下载于您的专区),然后用“甲乙”替代了“ac”,界面是excel界面,另存为csv格式。






  • mobileshadow

    It might be encoding issue.

    A possible solution is using my execel2csv to convert excel file to csv file, it worked fine with chinese characters.

  • by useing the excel2csv program, problem has been solved.


  • my english is poor ,excuse me to type chinese in english envirement.


    ???????????,????,???C2 ?????????????(???????),???“??”???“ac”,???excel??,???csv???






    Please remember that all posts must be in English or provide an English translation. as stipulated in the Forum


    This is to ensure that all posts can be moderated and available for other users to search when having similar issues.


  • I get this error when i try to export CSV string

    I am loading contents into CSV plugin with Load table from JSON string -> Array.AsJSON

    I also tried this with your example CAPX, so i guess i can't load Array into CSV, using Array.AsJSON expression.

    Loading to CSV throught JSON string is also not working

  • "CSV action: Load table from JSON string" only supports loading JSON from "CSV Expression:TableToString", not Array.AsJson

  • Is it possible to use this CSV plugin as array? I guess if i need to export my database as array, i will have to edit my project to use CSV instead of Array. I have looked at your examples, but i really can't figure this out, like why i have to name every colon and row?

  • plugin: csv2array

  • I need Array2CSV not CSV2Array

  • Sorry I don't have.

  • Hahahahah, i'm so stupid

    I managed to generate CSV, using For Each XY element, adding values from the Array (with the "," next to it) to the Text object and when column is completed it's adding new line and then repeats this for whole Array.

    Thanks anyway rexrainbow ! Your plugins are the best!

  • Thank you.

    It will help me a lot.

  • Yes, here is the C3 version.

    But it is not worked in current r42.2. All 3 party addons are not worked in r42.2.

    The plugin doesn't seem to work properly? I'm using r62.

    It's not putting the data into the array correctly, maybe it's not making columns only the rows.

    I hope you can fix this, I'm using it for language options, thank you! ??

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