[PLUGIN] CSV, CSV2Array, CSV2Dictionary

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  • Update

    rex_taffydb plugin: if a querying does not have "Action:1. New" or "Condition:1. New", it will query from current queried rows (sample capx). Add "Action:1. New" or "Condition:1. New", if user wants to query from all rows of database.

  • rexrainbow How does one access a column or row by using its order number. Is there an expression to access the 5th column, then the 6th and so on? I want to be able to use the csv table like an array table some times.

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  • Update

    rex_csv plugin: add number index of columns/rows in "expression:At"

    Parameter "Col", "Row" in "Expression:At(Col, Row)" are string by default, or a number index in columns/rows. For example, CSV.At("MONKS", "DEF") is equal to CSV.At(2, 2) at above diagram.


    Try this new version.

  • rexrainbow You are awesome! That was quick and effective. Upgrading right away!

    Now I can use some rows to trigger custom functions with parameters based on column index rather than column names that are in use by some other rows.

  • This sounds like an amazing plug-in.

    I am using the multiplayer plug in to make a series of educational games. I want to be able to separate the educational content from the games themselves by having the game load the educational content from external CSV files. For the time being, I can assume that the files will be on the host's computer, and I can know where they are located. However, I need to be able to add to this list without requiring the user to redownload the whole game, so the CSV tiles cannot be in the compile.

    Can I do that with this plug-in? If so, and if anyone can post an example that shows me how to accomplish this, I promise to do the same for others after I have learned more of the program.

  • Joshua Crisp

    CSV plugin needs a string to load, so you might try to pass that content between machines. Transfer data is not the feature of CSV plugin.

  • Hi rexrainbow, great plugins btw! and thanks!!

    I got a small question:

    Is there a possibility of comparing if the value of an instance variable of an object equals one within a col or row?

    exemple. I have a door and in an instance var I store the value of its ID. can I compare its ID by doing a lookup in a col within a csv table?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Update

    rex_csv plugin: add "Condition:Has col", "Condition:Has row".

    Test if row or column exists

    "Condition:Entry is valid" will return true if both row and column exist, i.e. CSV.At( col , row ) is valid. Or test the column or row exists by "Condition:Has col", "Condition:Has row".

    These conditions might help you.

  • Update

    rex_csv plugin: add "Condition:Has col", "Condition:Has row".

    awesome great work....!

  • , wow, you are awesome! Thanks!!

  • , I'm really sorry to ask again.

    I'm trying to understand how it works (really new to me).

    Basically, I'm trying to compare if the name of a doorObj is located in the csv table. If true then load the corresponding values to that object such as xPos and yPos.

    so then I can populate the instance variables of the doorObj.

    For now I'm trying to go like this:

    CSV Data doorObj.dooID in col ''d'' --> ( if true here I would add the info from the same row but here is where I block)

    Sorry and thanks in advance

  • I don't know what is the data structure in your case.

    You might create 2 csv tables, one is logical position to object name, for example: (0,3) is "door".

    The other table is object name to properties, for example ( "door", "x" ) = 0

  • ah thanks rexrainbow

  • Just wanted to say thank you for this - my project wouldn't be possible without it!

    EDIT: Recently I've noticed that CSV2Array and CSV2Dictionary doesn't store in the last column. I've had to add in a dummy column of zeroes at the end of my CSVs, to trick the plugin into storing the last column of data. Might be me doing something wrong, but thought I'd mention it.

  • I don't know man, I realy love this one but I think I'm just too dumb to use it properly. I have a textbox so, if you type in your name, press enter, and this name is already in the row "name" it will trigger true/ else: false (so far so good) but, I would also like to display (on a txt-object) in whitch col this name is lodged. Somehow I just can't get it right.

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