[PLUGIN] CSV, CSV2Array, CSV2Dictionary

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  • DuckfaceNinja

    Good idea!

    I had added another action which could put the csv into the specific z index. See the latest sample capx in document.

    The older action had been deprecated.

    You still need to have a loop to load csv tables into each z index, since one csv table is only a 2d table.

    Wow thanks rexrainbow !! The implementation surely will help me putting together my data. Efficient "array"ing coming my way

    Just FYI, It seems that I'm no longer have to use the "turn page" in csv plugin, this seems to be doing the same thing much more efficiently (lesser number of event to maintain ).

    Another thing that I notice is the csv plugin cant be called through indexing (integer) and only possible if I convert it to string.. [example: str(1)] Is it supposed to be like that or is it a bug? I noticed this when all goes haywire when I implemented the loop not knowing I have to use string for index..

  • DuckfaceNinja

    You are right.

    CSV plugin is designed to be a 2d (or 3d, if pages has been included) hash table. All keys are string. So that user need to convert number to string.

    To have a pure array structure, csv to array plugin is more suitable than csv plugin.

  • rexrainbow

    Hi. I've taken a look to your plugin and is the closest thing i've seen to a database for Construct 2. I'm thinking on doing a sports manager wich involves a lot of data (teams, players, staticstics, etc). Do you think it could be achieved with this plugin or should i find another solution?

  • pcp

    If you use csv to describe the initial date, you could use csv plugin.

    But csv plugin is not a database, it is not designed for data mining.

  • rexrainbow

    Thanks for your answer!. I'll see what i do...and if i can do it with construct.

  • pcp

    jomo said that we could use taffydb as a database in javascript. I will find time to integrate it into C2 plugin.

  • rexrainbow

    That would be sooo great!!! but don't rush if more people don't request it. I think i could do something combining your CSV plugin and Webstorage for my needs. I'm just groping alternatives.

    Thanks for your kindness. You are making Construct 2 better.

  • rexrainbow

    Awesome plugin, also, one question. Is it possible to save to the csv file? I know I can set/change the value from a Ajax loaded string, but is it possible to make changes to the file on runtime?

    Also, I know I can save the string to webstorage and save the changes to that string, just want to know if it's possible to save changes to the actual file.

  • donelwero

    I had no plan for this feature, might be latter...

  • Update

    CSV plugin: add "Expression:TableToCSV", to get csv string back.

    Sample capx


    Here it is!

  • rexrainbow you are awesome!!

    Thanks I will give it a shot now!

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  • Great plugins, but there's some things missing in CSV2Array that would be very helpful

    First the ability to pick the delimiter for the CSV. It uses "," by default, but a lot of times ";" is used on csv (specially if saved with Excel)

    Second the ability to pick to what Z index the values are added Nevermind, just updated the plugin and saw this was added already, awesome ^^

  • Update

    rex_csv2dictionary, rex_csv2array: add "Delimiter" setting in properties table.


    No, problem.

  • I am trying to use the condition "For each col in row X" with CSV.CurCol CSV.CurRow or CSV.CurValue.

    I am having issues with understanding how CSV.Cur works.

    Could one take a look in my testing capx?

    At the end, I want to be able to find a string in the CSV file and to be able to sum values from the CSV file.

  • ikke2902

    You should wait the AJax complete first. Then pick values.

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