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  • austin I just published my game at Chrome Web Store. But I noticed that Clay.io wont work ? I noticed this error at Chrome Browser Console.

    Refused to load the script 'https://clay.io/api/api.js' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' chrome-extension-resource:".

  • carsenk we've chatted about this through email, but for everyone else, this should be resolved.

    tumira In the manifest file, you have to allow Clay.io in the manifest file. You can use the one we generate here clay.io/docs/chrome (the better link is "Distribute" -> "Chrome Web Store" in the developer dashboard).

  • austin

    Do you have plans for a bridge for Ejecta on iOS?

    I don't really have time to look at your code but it would be really simple as it works like CocoonJS, a transparent webview over the accelerated canvas. I can help you in writing the code.

  • austin nice plugin

    any tutorials on it with integration with C2?

  • This should have all the info that you need clay.io/docs/construct2

  • austin

    I would like to suggest a "new games" category at Clay.IO, you know like at newgrounds ? So we can see and found new games easily.

    Whooppsss , turn out "Recent" is actually new games.


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  • austin

    How do I stop the button event of the game when clay.io window show on the screen?

    Is there some smart condition just like "When clayio window is on screen" to avoid the control in clay.io window but to active the game button under the clay.io window.

  • I'm getting a force close when I test my game with the latest version of the cocoon launcher (updated to v1.4.5) on my Android phone.

    After I export my game from C2, I add the necessary Clay.io files to my zip file so that I can get clay functionality on my device. I did some testing and noticed that if I dont add the file \webview\webview.html to my .zip then I don't get the force close in launcher, though I don't get the clay features working either :(

    Does this have something to do with v1.4.5? Everything was working very nicely before that update.

  • Nofish you can use the event:

    System -> Compare two value -> Clayio.ModalsOpen > 0

  • Oh Thanks! I see.

  • Is Clay.io down? I cant seem to load up the site and the past week its been sparatic? I recently just compiled a clay.io powered game I made via CocoonJS Cloud Compiling, it seems that when I use it threw the launcher everything clay.io works fine, but once compiled for the debug if I tap on clay.io related things it simply does nothing, no window popups up at all when it should, not sure if this is related to clay.io being down on my end...Please fix or give an update, thanks!

  • Anyone know why Clay.io is not working on the Tizen Platform?

  • Is anyone able to get the clay plugin working with cocoon lately? The launcher does a force close every time I load my game. Everything was working fine up until recently :(

    Hoping austin can help..

  • Hey Austin, just got started with clay.io, it looks like an incredibly useful plugin. Would it be possible for you to add one small function? Get time? I'm trying to make a game that can run in the background, and don't want to base it on system time since that could be manipulated it would be great if I was able to fetch the time from an online source.

  • Is anyone else getting this error?

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