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  • austin any changes that break the game on mobile phone? I'm using the 0.4.7 version. The plugin seems to work fine in previous version. Now, it only shows the login box on the PC version, the Windows Phone 8 build is broken. The only way I can make the login box is to submit the score, then the login box will show up, but it does not remember my login detail either. The plugin is not ready all the time (i'm using a text object to update the plugin status)

  • NECROKRIEG - Try waiting for the ready condition to complete before attempting a Facebook post - I *think* that's the issue.

    tipztv Are you using the login prompt action, or do you have it set to auto-bring up the login window? For Windows Phone and Windows 8 we store if the user is logged in via local storage, so it might just be remembering that you're already logged in.

  • austin I was wondering, can someone use Clay.io for a commercial game?

  • austin What if you added a condition like "In the Top x(10, 15, 15, etc.) on a leaderboard? It would be cool :3

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  • InvaderX yes commercial games are fine. The top X condition can be done manually with the fetch leaderboard action, so it probably won't make it into the plugin as a condition.

  • austin Well, I meant like, the current player is in the top few of the leaderboard. Like, "If Player Bob is in the Top 5 on leaderboard". This can be used for achievements, and in-game player stats, and other stuff.

  • Hi austin,

    I don't know if I'm the only one with that issue but I downloaded the latest clay.io plugin from your site. And for some reason, when I want to add new conditions, only two are displayed.

    All the other conditions are not present. I can only see the "General Conditions" such as "On clay failed" and "On clay ready". Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22785599/FindMe/clayPluginNoOtherConditions.png" border="0" />

  • InvaderX I've added the LeaderboardScoreMe expression to denote whether a score was posted by the user. So if you want to see if the current player has a score in the top 5, you can use this setup: grab.by/nmkW - fetch the top 5 scores, then loop through each to see if the current player was one of those (in this example it just shows the achievements list if that's the case - for testing purposes)

    anthonykojima I'm not having that issue. It will probably happen if you try to create it inside another condition (like a loop), are you trying it there?

  • austin,

    My bad, you were right. I tried to add the condition inside another. I didn't know that in that case, the conditions are not displayed. Sorry about that. Thanks for you answer by the way.

  • austin

    I'm about to finish a project and I've been implementing Clay.io, and I'm absolutely loving it, but I can't seem to make the "post to twitter" option work. When activated (by pressing a button in my game), it briefly shows me a login screen then goes away with it. I tried to login normally and pressing it, but still, doesn't work. I also tried logging in using twitter then pressing it, but nada.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to enable it somewhere for it to work?


    edit- Also, my game keeps running normally when the Clay.io modal is open.. it doesn't seem like there's a way to tell if a modal is open or closed so I can pause my game. Any way to do it? It's not like I'm calling modals in the middle of the game, the problem is that, if a modal is open, the player can open more modals..

  • andreyin - Twitter thing should be fixed. You can use Clayio.ModalsOpen to see if a modal window is open, and act accordingly

  • andreyin - Twitter thing should be fixed. You can use Clayio.ModalsOpen to see if a modal window is open, and act accordingly

    Thanks a lot!!! :)

  • Hi, hopefully a quick question and has already been resolved?

    I would like to use Clay.io within my app however Clay.io opens once it is Ready and this gets in the way of other things.

    Is there a way to only show the Clay.io login modal window when I want to. ie when a user presses a button? (to opt in to use Clay.io).


  • drappdev - yep, head to the game settings on Clay.io, and uncheck "Always show Clay.io login box on load when a player isn't logged in"

  • austin

    Whilst you're floating around on the forum, firstly I just wanted to thank you for the marvellous work you've done with Clay.io. I've found it nice and easy to integrate, and its improved my game to no end.

    The one problem I did encounter was none of the audio worked when the clay hosted game was viewed on an iOS device (such as ipad, or iPod touch). After a few days of banging my head against walls and shouting at strangers, I managed to discover what the problem is; when the project is exported from C2 as a Chrome file it only includes .ogg audio files, and none of the m4a audio files. As soon as I added the m4a files into the exported media file manually, the audio started working perfectly (though i don't know if this will cause issues if i was to export from clay to the Chrome store with the m4a audio files included).

    It might be worth checking into this more, or making mention on the clay.io tutorial, as it could save other users with ios devices a lot of head scratching.

    Anyway, keep up the jolly good work, and thanks for giving Board Horde such a nice rating.


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